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Volvo EX90, the new electric SUV punter? on safety


Volvo EX90 & egrave; the new electric SUV that & egrave; destined to become the new flagship of the car manufacturer. Model that will be officially presented on November 9, 2022 . The manufacturer has not yet wanted to share details on the specs or photos of this new car. However, by announcing the presentation date, he wanted to emphasize how the Volvo EX90 will punter & agrave; much on the safety aspect so much so that it will adopt & agrave; safety standards never before seen on a Volvo.

So, for the automaker, the Volvo EX90 represents a turning point, the beginning of a new era. The car was created to secure the occupants while traveling and to constantly improve this level of safety thanks to continuous updates that will be released.


Volvo says that the development of its new safety technology is based on a deep understanding of human behavior that has been founded over decades search.

Each of us has the probability; to be involved in at least one traffic accident in their lifetime. This is not meant to be a judgment: we know that in most cases the driver is; skilled, attentive and ready to act in case of need. But we are all human beings and this also means that we feel emotions. We know that distraction and fatigue are part of life and that they travel with us. We know that it is not always the case. at best, for one reason or another. And in traffic it only takes a few seconds because the unthinkable happens.

The goal of the car manufacturer is; therefore to get to reduce the risk of accidents . For this, the new Volvo EX90 will be; equipped with what the manufacturer has defined as an “ invisible security shield '' which integrates its pi & ugrave; recent sensing technology, thanks to which the car is able to understand the mood of the driver and the surrounding context.


For this, the car will dispose; of many sensors both external and internal. Starting from the outside, we find cameras, radar and LiDAR (it can detect pedestrians up to 250 meters and dark objects, such as a tire, up to 120 meters in front of the car), all managed by a software platform. All these elements interact to create a vision of reality; 360-degree surrounding in real time.

Our LiDAR system detects the road ahead of the car, both day and night, even at high speed; motorway. & Egrave; able to see small objects hundreds of meters away, thus giving; more time to learn, act and avoid.

Inside the passenger compartment , on the other hand, there will be special sensors and cameras that will be managed by an algorithm developed by Volvo. It will be therefore it is possible to detect the concentration of the driver's gaze. This technology allows the EX90 to understand when the driver is. distracted, tired or otherwise inattentive, more & ugrave; than has been possible so far in a Volvo car.

In case of problems, the system will warn you; the driver more and more; insistent. And if the driver should even fall asleep or feel bad, the car is; designed to stop the march safely and call for help.

Information, therefore, very interesting. Volvo makes it known that before the presentation of the EX90 it will share; more details of this model.

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