NIO relies on battery swap to make room for itself in the European car market


NIO's expansion plan in Europe & egrave; very ambitious and as reiterated Qin Lihong , co-founder of the car manufacturer in an interview with Reuters, the goal is; to carve out a slice of the electric car market in the Old Continent.

And to give European brands a hard time and gain acclaim among European customers, the Chinese carmaker will punter & agrave; on the battery swap technology that has been so successful in China. Therefore, the brand aims to create a network of stations for the exchange of batteries also in the Old Continent.

A job already; started in Norway with the installation of the first stations and that will continue & agrave; soon in Germany , another key market for NIO's European strategy. As we know, the constructor points to install 1,000 battery swap stations outside China , most of which will find & agrave; place right in the European countries where NIO intends to land.


One of the most important pieces of NIO's strategy for Europe & egrave; the new factory in Hungary designed to produce the stations for the exchange of batteries destined for the European market. The first one produced , for example, is; was sent to Germany. But the battery swap is not just for NIO to offer a battery swap solution to facilitate the use of electric cars.

The battery swap also serves the manufacturer to separate the cost of batteries to make more accessible electric vehicles . Customers, in fact, will be able to buy the car at a lower price; low even if then it will be & agrave; it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription for the rental of the battery and access to the battery swap service. In any case, with this strategy the initial investment by people is reduced. A strategy that has been successful in China and that NIO wants to replicate in Europe as well.

For the moment, the first data seem to show that there is; interest in this solution in Europe. In fact, NIO has made it known that almost all customers in Norway have opted for battery rental. For the time being, the Chinese manufacturer has sold 800 electric SUVs since it's landed in this country.

Sar & agrave; therefore very interesting to find out over time if NIO will really succeed; to achieve the goal of carving out a space in the European car market.

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