For the campsite here is Boulder, the caravan that recharges the electric car


Colorado Teardops announced that it has completed the development of its trailer designed to extend the caravan. autonomy of an electric car . It is called Boulder and & egrave; designed to solve the problem of autonomy of electric vehicles used to tow heavy trailers such as caravans. This is not the first caravan project for electric cars but the solution developed by this company is; still interesting.

Electric cars have more power and torque; which is enough to be able to pull a trailer, even a very heavy one. The problem is; that autonomy drops dramatically . The consequence is; that you will have to do it; stop many more; times to reload. This is a big problem since attached to the tow hook there will be; a bulky caravan. Camping with an electric car becomes, therefore, more complicated.

The idea behind this caravan is very simple and & egrave; that of allowing it to function as a sort of power-bank through which to recharge the electric car. Specifically, this model has a 75 kWh battery that can be recharged in direct current up to a maximum power of 60 kW. When needed, & egrave; It is possible to use the energy contained in this accumulator to recharge the electric car.

In this way & egrave; It is possible to extend the autonomy of the vehicle avoiding having to make many stops at the charging stations. According to the company, thanks to the contribution of the caravan battery, the distance of the car it tows should even be higher than that declared by the manufacturer.

Boulder also has a teardrop shape to have a smaller aerodynamic impact. It measures 3.7 meters and offers an interior space for 4 people. As it turns out, Colorado Teardrops is also working with an automaker whose name is not; been mentioned. The first deliveries of this caravan will start next year. Prices start at $ 55,000.

This company & agrave; also announced that it is working on two further models of battery-powered caravans. These are much larger versions; large rooms designed to offer a premium experience being equipped with bathroom, shower, kitchen and many other comforts. These models will have batteries with a capacity; up to 200 kWh.

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