Volvo Trucks presents a new electric axle. Pi? autonomy for trucks


Volvo Trucks , as we know, is pushing hard on the electrification of its trucks. Over time we have talked several times about the development of its battery-powered models and the agreements with some important companies such as DHL, to push on the spread of these means.

Now, on the occasion of the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover , the company has announced an interesting novelty. In fact, it is; A new electric rear axle (includes engine and transmission) was presented.

GREATER AUTONOMY minor thanks to Volvo Trucks footprint that makes it possible to use more batteries, the new axle guarantees greater autonomy for Volvo electric trucks. This is a novelty; important as the possibility being able to achieve greater autonomy also means facilitating the use of electric trucks over long distances. For trucks with fuel cells, the additional space is useful for the installation of other components.

According to the manufacturer, the first models equipped with the new electric rear axle will arrive in a few moments. year.

We will carry on our battery electric trucks which are currently in production. We are talking about versatile vehicles, able to respond to a wide variety; of transport needs. In a few years we will add this new electric rear axle that will allow & agrave; customers to cover even more distances; longer than today.

Finally, remember that Volvo Trucks has adopted a triple strategy to zero emissions : battery electric motors, fuel cell electric motors and combustion engines that use renewable fuels such as biogas, HVO or even # 39; green hydrogen.

Different technical solutions are needed to tackle climate change, as availability infrastructure for energy and fuels varies by country, region and even transportation needs.

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