Psychiatric care for woman who pushed man in front of train


Published 21 September 2022 at 13.49

Domestic. A 45-year-old woman was convicted today of attempted murder after pushing a man onto the tracks at a subway station in Stockholm. The woman was affected by a serious mental disorder at the time of the act and still suffers from such a disorder. The district court has therefore determined the penalty for forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge examination.

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On July 3, the woman, who is homeless and has Finnish citizenship, pushed a man down on the train tracks in front of an arriving train at the Hökarängen subway station.

Witnesses on the platform managed to stop the train and the man survived but was injured. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

During the police interrogation, the woman was asked if she understood the suspicion.

– He was black! she then answered and shouted that the police should let her out.

In a new interrogation the next day, the woman was asked what she had meant by this.

“[She] answers that she takes it back when she was in a state of shock and she was afraid. The interrogator asks what she is afraid of and [she] answers 'Why can't you be afraid as a human?'. The interrogator answers that you can be afraid but asks her to clarify who she is afraid of, to which [she] replies that she was threatened by a black man who worked at the Shelter. [She] then tells that she has friends who are 'rasta' and who are black,” it says in the police interrogation report.

The woman has denied in court that she was there at all. According to the district court, however, there is no doubt that the woman is identical to the person who pushed the man. Instead, the main question in the case has been whether the woman intended to kill the man by pushing her. The court came to the conclusion that the woman has acted with so-called indifference intent and has therefore convicted her of attempted murder.

– It may seem obvious that pushing someone down on a subway track is associated with danger to life, especially when a train is entering the platform. However, this must be determined legally based on the evidence available in the current case. Based on the circumstances of the act, the court considers that the push meant a danger to the plaintiff's life and that the defendant – despite her mental state – must have understood this. She therefore had intent and is thus convicted of attempted murder, says councilor Anna Rosenmüller.

In the forensic psychiatric report, the woman was judged to suffer from a serious mental disorder at the time of the act and at the examination. Furthermore, a risk of relapse into serious crime was established. The penalty is therefore determined to be forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge examination. The woman is also ordered to pay damages to the man of just over SEK 200,000, including for violation.