Uber, from 2030 only electric cars in its fleet (in some markets)


Uber wants all vehicles in its fleet, at least in some major markets, to be electric by 2030 . Is not serious; a mystery that the company is incentivising its drivers to adopt electric cars. For this, already & agrave; in 2020 it had decided to invest 800 million dollars to incentivize drivers to put their endothermic cars aside in favor of electric models. The American company also recognizes an extra dollar; at each trip to drivers who offer the transport service with a battery-powered model. Among other things, Uber is partnering with Hertz to allow drivers to have the chance; to rent Tesla on a weekly or monthly basis.

The ultimate goal of this work is, however, very ambitious, because, as Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi pointed out. , within an interview with CBS News, the company aims to ensure that already from 2030 there are no more endothermic cars in its fleet not only in the United States but also in Europe and Canada .


This means that if Uber will succeed; to achieve its goal, from 2030 only those who own an electric car will be able to register within the platform and work. Who, on the other hand, will not dispose of of a battery-powered vehicle will not be able to work for Uber.

As stated & egrave; very important and & egrave; clearly a message aimed at drivers who work for Uber. Migrating the current fleet completely or almost completely to electric will not be; sure easy but the number one of Uber is & egrave; given a deadline anyway. If the company will be was able to convince most of its drivers to use a battery car, from 2030 the transport service will be & agrave; only offered with electric cars (at least in Europe, the US and Canada).

Meanwhile, Uber has decided to expand the Comfort Electric service in other cities & agrave; of North America and Canada. The Comfort Electric service that you can & ograve; choose as an option within the app, allows users to request only electric vehicles for their ride. Service not to be confused with Uber Green in which hybrid cars are also used.

The incentives, the concessions for the rental of the cars and the higher revenues for each race will be enough to convince the drivers to switch to an electric car? We will find out over the next few years. For the time being, the company can count on 25,000 electric cars within its fleet, with the goal of reaching 50,000 by the end of next year. A number still not particularly high given that around one million drivers are registered on the platform.

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