Arc A770 (“Alchemist”): Intel CEO confirms, the first batch is ready to go


The wait for Intel's Arc graphics cards of the first generation Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) is coming to an end, the first batch is ready to go. As Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced via the short message service Twitter, the first batch of the top model Intel Arc A770 with ACM-G11 graphics chip is now ready for the retail market.

Arc A770 and A750 are a long time coming

The two largest of the five Arc models, the 32 and 28 Xe cores and 4,096 and 3,584 ALUs respectively offer have been in preparation for global launch for quite some time, but so far all models are intended for Chinese partners.

Only the entry-level solution Intel Arc A380 (test) is now also occasionally available in this country. That could change now, as the upcoming spearhead Arc A770 is said to be ready for trading now. The Intel boss has now confirmed this via Twitter.

While the Intel CEO's statements are limited to the Arc A770 and the Arc A750 is not mentioned the larger of the two smaller models, the Arc A580, is also awaiting. But Intel will first want to address the Arc A770 to gamers.

According to Intel's manufacturer benchmarks, the Arc A770 and A750 should be able to rank between the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti and on par with the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT in terms of performance.

Intel's answer to AMD's and Nvidia's mid-range is late, maybe already too late.

ComputerBase tested the Arc A730M

ComputerBase currently has the Medion Erazer Major X10 with Intel Arc A730M for testing. Like the Intel Arc A750, the mobile GPU is based on the large ACM G10 GPU, but only offers 24 instead of 28 active Xe cores and can draw a maximum of 120 watts.

Intel Arc A Series Model Overview A310 A380 A580 A750 A770 Architecture Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) GPU ACM-G11 ACM-G10 Process TSMC 6N Xe Cores 4 8 16 28 32 FP32 ALUs 512 1024 2048 3584 4096 Memory 4GB< br>64-bit 6 GB
96-bit 8 GB
128-bit 8 GB
256-bit 16 GB*
256-bit TDP/TGP 75 watts 175 watts 225 watts *) partner may also offer versions with 8 GB