The cost of energy rises: Tesla hikes Supercharger rates in Europe


Tesla has decided to retouch upwards and not a little, the tariffs of its Superchargers in Europe . Unfortunately, with the rise in energy costs, the American carmaker is also growing up. was forced to review the prices of its charging points. Today, the owners of a battery car of the company & agrave; of Elon Musk received by email the communication from Tesla of the tariff change (email that we report).

In the email you can & ograve; to read that Tesla invites its customers to check the new costs through the infotainment of the car. In fact, even within the same country, charging prices vary slightly from Supercharger to Supercharger.


Reading the various testimonials, it seems that the average increase in Europe of tariffs are around 0.12 euros per kWh. As regards Italy , the new rates reach up to 0.66 euros per kWh . Here are also some pictures of the new tariffs taken by a Tesla.

It is worth noting that the company & agrave; by Elon Musk is not; the only one to have increased charging rates due to higher energy prices. In February 2022, for example, it was Enel X Way's turn. Given the delicate moment, & egrave; It is possible that also other companies & agrave; who offer top-up services may decide to increase their rates.

Supercharger rate increases are important and a full tank of energy will be able to get to cost several euros more & ugrave; than before. In any case, the rates are still in line with the market average even if less convenient than before. Tesla's charging points, remember, are of the Ultrafast type. Enel X Way, for example, charges € 0.75 per kWh from columns up to 150 kW and € 0.79 per kWh from columns above 150 kW. With Be Charge, on the other hand, we are at 0.65 euros per kWh on columns up to 149 kW and 0.79 euros per kWh on columns above 150 kW.

The times in which the Superchargers were free for all Tesla customers seem very far away. Given the increases, Tesla could start thinking about some sort of subscription for those who make extensive use of its charging network.

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