EVGA × Nvidia = Divorce: How do you rate the separation of the two GPU specialists?


The announcement by EVGA to end the cooperation with Nvidia and to stop developing new graphics cards in the future caused a lot of excitement and interest within the ComputerBase community. Even the already evaluated models for the GeForce RTX 4000 series (“Nvidia Ada”) will not appear.

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  1. 1 The end of a dream marriage after 23 years
    1. We want your opinion on the current situation
  2. Participation is expressly desired
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The US manufacturer EVGA, known in particular for its FTW3 and K|NGP|N series of graphics cards for enthusiasts, as well as its highly praised support and numerous warranty options, has ended its business relationship with Nvidia. The graphics card specialists from Santa Clara, California, who have their spearheads in their portfolio developed and produced in Taiwan together with overclocking veteran Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido, will also withdraw entirely from the graphics card market and restructure accordingly.< /p>

The end of a dream marriage after 23 years

The Sunday question begins with some facts about the divorce of those who entered Dream marriage between EVGA and Nvidia, which was concluded in 1999 and now after 23 years comes to a less than happy end.

  • EVGA ends the cooperation with Nvidia< /li>
  • EVGA was Nvidia's exclusive partner for 23 years
  • The first graphics card was an EVGA Riva TNT2 from 1999
  • The last was an EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3
  • EVGA accuses Nvidia of certain misconduct
  • Nvidia wishes All the best to EVGA

The GPU specialists from EVGA were highly praised in many places for their exceptional support and their extensive guarantee promise, which also included the replacement of the GPU cooler and any conversions to water cooling, and graphics cards from the FTW3 and K|NGP|N series were highly valued by enthusiasts.

Your opinion on the current situation is requested

But the symbiosis from Nvidia was and the exclusive partner EVGA really that good and were the manufacturer's graphics cards really the first choice for enthusiasts and overclockers? What do you think of EVGA's decision and the resulting separation from Nvidia?

The editors would like to hear from you both in the surveys and in the comments on this Sunday question, how you feel about EVGA, the manufacturer's graphics cards and the current situation of the company and what your personal experiences with the hardware from EVGA have been.

Have you ever owned an EVGA graphics card yourself?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain (Show result)

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The comments on the announcement about the end of EVGA in the graphics card business could not be more different. While many readers regret the end of the collaboration between EVGA and Nvidia, for an equally large proportion of readers this decision is not a big deal as they simply did not buy the graphics cards from the manufacturer anyway.

Only very few people were really cold about the news, which is also supported by the sometimes heated discussions in the comments.

What do you think of EVGA's exit from the graphics card market?

  • I regret EVGA's exit from the graphics card market
  • I welcome EVGA's exit the graphics card market
  • I don't care about EVGA's exit from the graphics card market
  • Abstain (Show result)

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While EVGA raises not inconsiderable allegations against Nvidia, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's company wishes the former partner and long-time companion all the best for the future. EVGA co-founder and CEO Andrew Han criticizes Nvidia's handling of the exclusive AiB partner and assures that every GeForce RTX 3080, 3090 and 3090 Ti from the FTW3 and K|NGP|N series will lose several hundred US dollars , but the background is still unclear.

Who is to blame for the split between EVGA and Nvidia?

  • I tend to blame EVGA
  • I tend to blame Nvidia
  • Abstain (show result)

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While some say that EVGA simply took on too many graphics chips for its models of the GeForce RTX 3000 series (“Nvidia Ampere”) out of greed, others accuse Nvidia of not taking care of its AiB -Partners and to put them under strong pressure with the in-house Founders Edition. According to EVGA itself, this situation was no longer tenable and it pulled the rip cord.

Do you think the reasoning of EVGA CEO Andrew Han is plausible?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain (Show result)

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Although EVGA is said to have recently generated around 80 percent of its sales with the sale of graphics cards and, according to its own statements, currently has a market share of around 40 percent in the USA, the manufacturer would like to focus on the much higher-margin business with power supplies and peripherals in the future concentrate and restructure accordingly. Good idea?

Do you think EVGA can be successful with power supplies and peripherals?

  • Yes
  • No
  • abstain (show result)

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EVGA was Nvidia's exclusive partner for 23 years. The first graphics card was an Nvidia Riva TNT2, the last an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti and what comes next?

The manufacturer should decide after the end of the cooperation with Nvidia Would you rather make a serious effort to partner with AMD or Intel, or even renegotiate with Nvidia? Or is the end of EVGA graphics cards final for you?

EVGA should…

  • …follow its plan and rely on power supplies and peripherals in the future
  • …talk to Nvidia again and try to save the partnership
  • …try to offer AMD Radeon RX as an exclusive partner in the future
  • …try to offer Intel Arc as an exclusive partner in the future
  • Abstention (show result)

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In the comments on the original report, Nvidia's AiB partners, their custom models and support are compared several times, which is why the editors finally want to know from you: Which manufacturer do you think offers the best Whole package with the GeForce graphics cards? Or has Nvidia already surpassed everyone with its in-house Founders Edition?

Which manufacturer offers the best overall package for GeForce graphics cards?

  • Asus
  • ASRock
  • Biostar
  • Gigabyte
  • Gainward
  • Inno3D
  • EVGA
  • Palit
  • MSI
  • PNY
  • KFA²
  • Zotac
  • Nvidia
  • Abstention (show result)

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Participation is expressly desired

The editors would be very happy to receive well-founded and detailed reasons for your decisions in the comments on the current Sunday question. If you have completely different favourites, please write it in the comments.

Readers who have not yet participated in the last Sunday questions are welcome to do so. In particular, there are still exciting discussions going on in the ComputerBase forum about the last surveys.

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