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The keyboard MacTigr: “Reference keyboard” for Macs is made of metal


There is only one target group for the MacTigr from the premium manufacturer Das Keyboard: Mac owners. The input device is advertised as a “mechanical reference keyboard” for the Apple platform. It is intended to appeal to the target group with a flat design, a metal housing and a USB-C hub.

The design should fit the Mac. The keyboard is only available in black, but it uses an aluminum unibody housing. Even the lower part of the chassis, which is usually made of plastic, is made of metal. Since there are no product images of the underside, a height adjustment cannot be assumed. Such is likely to complicate the production considerably and make it more expensive due to the unibody construction.

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The MacTigr keyboard (Image: The keyboard)

Between sent and marketing

The additional equipment includes a real rotary control for the volume, which in its basic form is already known from other keyboards from the manufacturer such as the Das Keyboard 4 Professional (test). Its shape seems well thought out: Since it is about as high as the keycap in front of it, it will potentially be easier to operate than deep-set scroll wheels, which are otherwise often used.

There are also four flat additional keys. Three are used for media control, one sends the computer to sleep mode. “Save energy and save the planet,” writes Das Keyboard. The assertion, which sounds good in English thanks to alliteration, belongs more in the category of “exaggerated marketing”.

Flat button instead of flattest

Overall, the feature set is atypical. There is no detachable cable, for example, the manufacturer installs the USB-C cable permanently. The keyboard has a USB hub with two Type-C ports so that Mac accessories can be used.

Buttons are from Cherry. MX Low Profile (test) without lighting are used, which are only available in linear tuning. This seems rather unusual for a Mac that is used more for work. Even flatter buttons with a pressure point for real mechanical “MagicKeyboards” are already around the corner with MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile (test) and are expected to be available in stores soon. The key caps made of PBT plastic are only available in the ANSI layout, the variant with a large input key has to make do with an ABS variant.

The MacTigr will be available for sale with a German layout from mid-September. As always, when things aren't available otherwise, things get expensive: the keyboard is available for 219 euros through direct sales on the Das Keyboard homepage.

The Keyboard MacTigr Size (L × W × H): 43.6 × 12.7 × 2.7 cm Layout: 105 ISO (extended) Weight: 1,100 g Cable: USB 3.0 Type C Hub function: 2 × USB 3.0 Key rollover: 6-KRO, N-KRO Switches: Cherry MX Low Profile Red Keys: Shape: Cylindrical
Material: ABS plastic
Flat keys Additional keys: 3 × Media
1 × Extra
Scroll wheel (volume) Media functions: volume, play/pause, forward/back Additional functions: brightness (adjust, switch off) Lighting: – Macros & Programming: – Price: 219 €