Aiways U5: Chinese with flaws, but the price? interesting | Review and Video


Aiways U5 is arrived in Italy, yes & egrave; renewed with a Model Year that already has; started to file some of the defects reported by the customers of the previous version and, in this, it is demonstrating an excellent reactivity; of the manufacturer, flexible enough to evolve its project on the run in a way similar to what Tesla did, with the strategy of incremental innovations that do not necessarily wait for the classic & quot; restyling of met & agrave; career & quot; to bring the news.

U5 & egrave; an electric SUV of medium/large size (large for Italy, medium for other markets), and debuts in a range that we could define as & quot; electro-premium & quot; because & eacute; with battery cars there is a tendency, with rare exceptions, to reserve greater care in terms of interior and the proposal of accessories included in the fittings. The formula is in fact that of the & quot; all (or almost) standard already & agrave; from the first level & quot ;, while the thermal models tend to remain bound to that stratification of the fittings made also by business versions for fleets or by many accessories to be chosen from the catalog and bound by a tree made up of packages that become mandatory requirements for the following ones./p>



The same happens with the instrumentation : behind an almost hexagonal steering wheel there are three screens . The central one contains the classic information, the lateral one is; dedicated to the on-board computer with data on consumption, mileage, tire pressure and so on, and the one on the right displays multimedia information on music and radio.

The infotainment & egrave; compatible with Apple CarPlay , while for Android you need to download an & # 39; app that takes care of mirroring smartphone: similar to Android Auto as a concept, but without the dedicated applications. To improve the fluidity; interface, acceptable with the proprietary system but subject to some lag when using CarPlay. The test specimen could not use the remote control app instead, which is available on models on the market.

Summing up, the quality & agrave; in the cockpit & egrave; good, but on the software side Aiways must work to improve the fluidity; and solve a series of necessary optimizations, making the interface more ugrave; intuitive in the part of the instrumentation: if it succeeds; to obtain these results with updates, then it will not have; nothing to envy to European opponents. On the other hand also Volkswagen & egrave; started with a software with defects, fixed over time with updates (first in the workshop, then OTA) which also managed to affect the optimization of consumption.

Cockpit cared for in the variety? of materialsApple CarPlay with cable Glossy black parts subject to scratches Android Auto, using the Mirroring app

The trunk is; well made, but not excessive in size because & eacute; the 430 liters do not represent excellence in the segment: Aiways has chosen to favor habitability; in the interior where the rear passengers have a real living room at their disposal.

Folding down the seats you get to 1,555, and the frunk (front trunk) is; very convenient for storing all cables (45 liters) and benefits from a hood with pistons to assist in opening and closing.


Aiways U5 is equipped with 63 kWh batteries with cells supplied by CATL , liquid cooled and backed by an 8-year warranty or 150,000 km. It also has the standard heat pump, unlike several Western competitors that offer it as an option.

Battery side you can not & ograve; complain, the supplier & egrave; the same as many European companies (Volkswagen uses CATL on the ID.5 Pro Performance and the LGs are only for the GTX). The engine & egrave; a synchronous electric with permanent magnets that does not thrill in the performances because & eacute; tip more & ugrave; on the reduction of consumption. The resulting efficiency is good, but the car must be driven in Sport to get an acceptable response since the mode of normal driving is very castrated, but this is; a choice that other manufacturers have also made. The performance is just under 8 seconds for the 0-100 km/h and 170 km/h of speed; maximum.

On the charging side, the MY2022 has improved AC performance : finally the on-board charger is three-phase 11 kW , an excellent choice that puts the Chinese on a par with all the others rather than limiting to 6.6 kW single-phase that make you lose a lot when using public columns. Mediocre , on the other hand, in direct current: the maximum peak is; of 90 kW , the charging curve for & ograve; it does not thrill and you reach 60/70 kW and then lose them quickly and stabilize the recharge around 40/50 kW. Over 80% it stands at 20 kW in rapid decrease.

In short, we are not in the generation of very fast reloads, we are not even close to the excellent curve recently proposed by the latest Mercedes (high peaks maintained with a flat line, you can find it here). It is therefore necessary to take into account about fifty minutes from 20 to 85% unless you are in the ideal temperature conditions, where the battery accepts a more power; high from the DC column.

AUTONOMY AND REAL CONSUMPTION in the combined cycle they get 360 kilometers without too much highway. On the motorway , in fact, consumption rises and it goes from 22 to 26 kWh/100 km (110-135 km/h range) due to an aerodynamics that would need refinements and which also has consequences on acoustic comfort due to the noises it generates.

In the constant extra-urban area, at 90 km/h, we have an excellent efficiency with a result of 17 kWh/100 km which translates into 370 km of autonomy at this pace. The proof of the BrianzaRing showed some interesting data, very close to ID.4 which, for & ograve ;, & egrave; been tested with software prior to 3.1 (and we have seen here that 3.1 also improves consumption).


The result is; that ADAS are perfect for active safety: you can & ograve; rely on automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise, the system that warns us and takes us back to the lane, but they do not give that safety when semi-autonomous driving functions are activated such as centering the car in lane. The steering asks us to intervene even in slightly marked corners, and in the straight (at low speeds) it makes many small but conspicuous corrections to keep itself in the center.

The steering wheel is; too power-assisted, even in Sport the load is not egrave; never as a & quot; sportsman & quot; and you understand that you are aiming for maximum power assistance, which can be; displace those who & egrave; used to a kart feeling.

Honorable mention for the keyless to Tesla, you do not need to press any button, and for the rear view camera with a 360 degree view of excellent quality and resolution.



li> ENGINE: electric with permanent magnets

  • POWER: 150 kW, 204 hp (maximum) – 60 kW, 82 hp (nominal)
  • TORQUE: 310 Nm
  • < li> DRIVE: front (2WD)

  • SUSPENSIONS: MacPherson front, Multi-Link rear
  • BRAKES: 4 314 mm discs


    • LENGTH: 4,680 mm
    • WIDTH: 1,865 mm
    • HEIGHT: 1,700 mm
    • WHEELBASE: 2,800 mm
    • GROUND CLEARANCE: 150 mm
    • BOOT: 432 – 1,555 liters (+45 liters in the frunk)
    • < li> RIMS: 17 & quot ;, 19 & quot;

    • TIRES: 215/65 R17 or 235/50 R19
    • WEIGHT: 1,795 kg in running order (1,845 kg for Prime)
    • BATTERY: 63 kWh


    • SPEED & Agrave; MAXIMUM: 170 km/h
    • ACCELERATION 0-100 Km/h: 7.5 seconds
    • CONSUMPTION: 16.6 – 17 kWh/100 km (combined WLTP)
    • CO2 EMISSIONS: 0 grams per km (combined WLTP)
    • STEERING RADIUS: nd meters
    • CHARGING: 10 hours (AC, max 6.6 kW)
    • DC CHARGE: 35 minutes from 20 to 80% (declared)
    • WARRANTY: 8 years/150,000 km (battery)

    PRICE: from 43,250 euros


    Aiways U5 starts from 43.250> & euro; in the street included) for the X-cite version with pastel white paint included as standard (the other colors each cost 800 & euro;). The price includes a 5-year or 150,000 km warranty and roadside assistance on the car, as well as an 8-year warranty (or 150,000 km) for the traction battery.

    The Prime version costs 46,000 & euro; and the accessories in the catalog are non-existent , with the exception of the color, the 3-year maintenance package (490 & euro;) and the 1,549 & euro; Energy package; which includes the wallbox and a card for 1,000 kWh on public columns


    The segment of electric SUVs & egrave; very busy, because & eacute; are those most & ugrave; profitable and able to justify (more easily) a higher price. The queen & egrave; still Tesla Model Y, but it costs so much more & ugrave; of the others, especially now that the Americans have increased their price lists. Let's exclude it then, and let's look at who are the opponents with more starting figures; or not online: here we find Volkswagen ID.4, Skoda Enyaq, Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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    Compared to the time when & egrave; the video was shot, for & ograve ;, ID.4 Pure Performance & egrave; disappeared from the configurator: today we start with the Pro Performance (77 kWh, 204 HP) which costs 53,650 & euro; and therefore it is not; more in line with the U5. At Volkswagen, therefore, the real rival is; Skoda Enyaq iV 60 with its 58 kWh of battery and 44,500 & euro; attack price. The Koreans, on the other hand, challenge the Chinese with the Ioniq 5 Progress of € 47.050; (always 2-wheel drive, 58 kWh and 170 HP). Going to Japan there & # 39; & egrave; the most recent Nissan Ariya that for & ograve; starts from 51,400 & euro; with its 63 kWh battery: it has an excellent charging curve in direct current, a more cockpit; elegant and refined and an all-round driving pleasure.

    There are pros and cons for all: Skoda and Hyundai have more ADAS systems; sophisticated, more infotainment; modern, even a larger trunk, for example. For & ograve; Aiways offers a standard logic with only two very complete set-ups. In short, to each one the evaluations based on tastes and needs. Which would you choose?



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