ZenTimings 1.26: RAM tool adds support for DDR5 and Rembrandt APUs


The monitoring tool ZenTimings v1.2.3 from “infraredbg”, which was tested together with the “AMD Ryzen – RAM OC Community”, can, in addition to primary, secondary and tertiary memory timings, also measure resistors and the FCLK, MCLK and UCLK and now also supports APUs from the AMD Rembrandt series with Zen 3+ and DDR5.

Support for Ryzen 6000 with Zen 3+ and DDR5

After ZenTimings v1.2.2 brought along additional parameters, SMU versions and mainboards in addition to support for Dali, the low-cost solution, which competes in the form of the Athlon 3000 CPU series against the Intel Pentium Gold and Silver and is based on Picasso. and version 1.2.3 focused on Cezanne, Lucienne and Rome, ZenTimings v1.2.6 is a product maintenance that brings support for Zen 3+ and DDR5 as well as bug fixes.

According to the official release notes, the support for DDR5, which is also of interest with regard to AMD Ryzen 7000 (“Raphael”), is still of an experimental nature.

ZenTimings v1.2.6 – Release Notes

  • Add experimental DDR5 support
  • Add basic Rembrandt APU support
  • Add option to save window position
  • Improve debug report formatting
  • Fix corrupted config file handling
  • Add minimize to tray option
  • Enable system info window
  • Integrate WinRing driver< /li>
  • Initial plugins system
  • Add donation links
  • Update libraries
  • Update icons

< /blockquote>

The tool achieves a depth of information that other programs of this type cannot easily provide and is therefore a must for enthusiasts if they use the AM4 platform and have RAM-OC in their sights and want to get detailed information about the RAM.

Further information on the subject of RAM OC

Further information on the subject of overclocking RAM is available in the extensive RAM OC guide by community member “cm87”, intended to help you get started with the complexities of clocks, timings and resistors.

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Download on ComputerBase

As usual, ZenTimings v1.2.6 can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message. The official website of the system tool provides more information. Microsoft's software platform .NET Framework 4.5 is required, which is also linked.


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