Open Source Libraries: KDE Frameworks 5.97 offers numerous innovations


The developers of the KDE community supported by KDE e.V. have released the latest in-house open source libraries and APIs KDE Frameworks 5.97 with numerous innovations and optimizations for KDE Plasma. The focus is on the KWallet digital wallet for password management and Windows DLLs.

Easier store access data

The KDE Frameworks, which form the basis for the free desktop KDE Plasma and its Qt-based software stacks and applications in the form of a collection of libraries, APIs and object-oriented programming frameworks, have now been released in the latest version 5.97. In particular, 3rd party apps for storing and managing access data benefit from the new features.

Easier permanent login in Minecraft

As KDE chief developer Nate Graham announced, the Minecraft launcher, among other things, can now handle the stored login data better.

For Frameworks 5.97, Slava Aseev has implemented support in the KWallet for the org.freedesktop.secrets standard, which allows KDE apps to be more compatible with 3rd-party credential storage methods.

In terms of real-world impacts, the Minecraft launcher should no longer ask you to log in every single time you open it!

Nate Graham, Lead Developer KDE Community

To ensure better handling of login and form data, the org.freedesktop.secrets standard has been successfully implemented in KWallet. Previously, access data had to be entered repeatedly and was not saved as desired and stored accordingly.

Windows DLLs receive Breeze icons

< p class="p text-width">Other new features of KDE Frameworks 5.97 include icons for Windows DLLs in the KDE Plasma Breeze theme, the ability to undo text changes in the Name field of open/save dialogs, and support for extracting and displaying non-EXIF Text metadata in PNG images.

According to the official release notes, the following libraries and components of the KDE frameworks will also receive updates:

  • Attica
  • KCMUtils
  • KDocTools
  • Breeze Icons
  • KCoreAddons
  • KFileMetaData
  • KConfigWidgets
  • Extra CMake Modules
  • KWallet Framework
  • KDELibs 4 Support
  • KCalendarCore
  • KGlobalAccel
  • KCompletion
  • KDeclarative
  • KActivities
  • KRunner
  • KArchive
  • KConfig
  • KPty

KDE Frameworks 5.97 – Release Notes

In addition, KWayland, the implementation of the Wayland display server protocol, the KWindowSystem and the KTextEditior have been further optimized and the icon of the “Help Center” app has been revised accordingly.

An error that could cause the Wayland session to crash as soon as an additional external monitor was connected has also been successfully fixed.

The latest KDE Frameworks 5.97 should soon appear in the stable repositories of various Linux distributions and then be installed accordingly. For more information, see the project's official documentation and website.