Groupie van Tikkie: easier sharing of group expenses with this new feature


There are many apps with payment requests, but the app that put the name is without a doubt Tikkie. Today Tikkie released version 5.0 of the app and a handy new function has been added: Groupie. The app is supposed to solve a problem that groups of friends might recognize. You're out for a night out or going on vacation and at the end of the evening or week it's time to take stock: who owes what to whom? Groupie van Tikkie is now available for this type of group expenditure.

Groupie van Tikkie: divide group expenses and request money back

The function is very similar to the separate app WieBetaaltWat, with which you can also create a group to divide expenses. There have also been more apps in the past that made this possible, but now Tikkie has also built this into its own app as standard. When creating a new Tikkie, you have the option for a Groupie at the top. You give your Groupie a name and share it with others, for example via iMessage or WhatsApp. Then everyone can add expenses that he or she has made for the outing on behalf of the group. Tikkie then calculates who owes what to whom. That way you don't have to calculate anything yourself. There is also an Intermediate button to do some calculations halfway through.

Then at the end you can make a Tikkie of the amount you still owe in one tap, so that the other person can easily pay it. To become a member of a Groupie, everyone must use the Tikkie app. That will not be the case for everyone, since almost all apps from the major banks already have their own function for payment requests. With a function such as Groupie, Tikkie can therefore offer added value compared to the other banking apps and be a reason to download the app anyway. Incidentally, you can also manually add someone who cannot or does not want to use the app for whatever reason, but then they cannot add expenses to the group themselves.

To leave a Groupie, your final amount must be €0. This is to prevent someone from leaving the group early, while he still owes money to the other participants. By default, your favorite account number that you have saved in Tikkie is used to receive the money.

The timing of this new feature is somewhat remarkable, as it is ideal for a holiday with friends. The summer holidays are now coming to an end and his graduation trips have long since come to an end. Nevertheless, it can also come in handy for evenings out.

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