Ryanair, expensive energy weighs: goodbye to flights at bargain prices


The news is; destined to make noise: Ryanair's bargain flights are destined to disappear . Those who rely on the Irish airline to travel throughout Europe will certainly not be happy: despite everything it is; thanks to them that we have learned to move more & ugrave; easily, without the worry of having to pay hundreds of euros to go to London, Barcelona or Oslo. But now the economic situation in the Old Continent (and beyond) is changing, and with it it will change; also the future of Ryanair and all other low cost airlines .

Michael O & # 39; Leary is not; certainly an easy character to interpret, between jokes, promises and previews of curious modalities; of accommodation in the aircraft (remember when he said that in the future there would be no more seats on board?). In this case, however, the discussion appears dry, sincere and direct, centered on increasing inflation and on increasing the cost of energy that the war between Russia and Ukraine has triggered. To this must also be added the inheritance; left by the pandemic that caused an unprecedented aviation crisis. In summary, in the course of an interview with BBC Radio 4 he reiterated the concept that we will have to say goodbye to fares from 0.99 or 9.99 euros each way .


Air transport in difficulty? between queues, delays and strikes. Travel ? really difficult 90

Article 24 Jun


Credits: Ryanair

These are the words of O & # 39; Leary:

I don't think there will be more; flights for 10 euros. Our average rate is; was 40 euros last year, we will go towards 50 euros in the next 5 years. Our super discounted promotional rates, those at 1 euro, 0.99 or even 9.99 I think will not be seen for a number of years.

This does not & egrave; however a goodbye to low cost, if ever it is; at (very) bargain prices : & quot; people will continue & agrave; to travel frequently ', explains the CEO, therefore the alarmism of certain newspapers that decreed the definitive end of low-cost flights appears decidedly exaggerated . There will be; an increase in the average price, this is necessary, and most likely it will be; more difficult to find offers at very low cost. The seats at 19.99 euros or 24.99 euros will continue to be there: it is always low cost, even if a little; more dear.

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