Humble Bundle: Resident Evil 0 to 7 are offered as a complete package


Humble Bundle bundles AAA games again and offers Capcom's Resident Evil in bulk for around 14 days. The “Decades of Horror” bundle brings together all series parts between number 0 and 7 in their most recent form. Revelations is also on board. It's worth spending around 30 euros.

For one euro, the bundle only includes Resident Evil 1 in the form of the HD remaster and Resident Evil: Revelations, which is also competent but not outstanding . Both are to be understood as tasting appetizers. Part 1, for example, comes from the PlayStation 1 era and still uses fixed camera perspectives, so it plays differently than usual.

It remains moderately exciting for 9.80 euros. Then comes the prequel Resident Evil 0 HD, Revelations 2 and Resident Evil 5 and the action-packed, directionless sixth part of the series. The purchase makes sense if older series parts are still missing in the collection – the titles cover the playful breadth of the brand with different concepts.

30 euros are worth it

The largest bundle level for just under 30 euros seems particularly worthwhile. This is where the best Resident Evil games come in. The great remakes of Resident Evil 2 (test) and Resident Evil 3 (test), which skillfully modernize the classics and have recently received ray tracing via an update, are part of it, but also Resident Evil 4, which will receive a remake next spring and whose PC porting turned out to be rather careless. Resident Evil 7 is also included with this course. With the title, the series celebrated a rebirth with a return to its horror roots, albeit from an unfamiliar first-person perspective. Unlike the other parts, however, the DLCs for Resident Evil 7 are not part of the bundle.

The latest installment in the series can also be purchased with a half-price coupon from the Humble Store. Around 30 euros is a good, but not the best price for Resident Evil: Village (test), which was able to continue the 2021 series in a creepy and successful way.