Fisker Ocean, production is estimated to increase and construction in the USA from 2024


Fisker is discussing with Magna about the possibility & agrave; to increase production of the new Ocean electric SUV starting from the second half & agrave; of 2023. We remind you that this new model will enter & agrave; in production at the Magna plant in Austria on November 17, 2022 . This demand comes as a result of Ocean's strong customer demand. After the sold out of the 5,000 units & agrave; of the Fisker Ocean One launch version, the automaker has made it known that & egrave; already 2023 production sold out of the Ocean Ultra and Ocean Sport fittings for the United States.

For this reason, Fisker is talking with Magna to be able to increase production and make available a greater number of these variants in order to satisfy customers. For the American manufacturer this is certainly a positive sign that bodes well for its future.

The CEO and founder Henrik Fisker si & egrave; also went to the Magna factory to check how preparations are going for the start of production. Additionally, he tested a group of pre-production vehicles. Less than 100 days from the start of production, Magna and Fisker have established a center called “ Mission Control '' where the respective teams meet daily to ensure the highest quality & agrave; production.

At the same time, Fisker has announced that it is also evaluating a production site for the Ocean in the United States starting from 2024. This choice would allow future new orders of the electric SUV, at least some of its variants. , compatible with the new incentives that should come through the final approval of the Inflation Reduction Act. We talked about it recently and we saw that electric cars, in order to be compatible with the bonus, they will have to be manufactured in North America and also built with critical materials that come from the United States or from a country with a free trade agreement with Washington.

For Fisker, allow its American customers to be able to continue to access incentives & egrave; obviously very important. It is therefore not surprising that he is thinking of bringing the production of the SUV to the United States.

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