CATL, new battery factory in Hungary worth over 7 billion euros


CATL continues with its expansion plan by announcing an investment of 7.34 billion euros for the construction of its second battery factory in Europe (the first is in Germany). It will be made in Debrecen, Hungary. The start of construction of the new plant is expected by the end of the year. Once fully operational, this new plant will have; a skill annual production of 100 GWh . Is not serious; A timeline has been communicated for the start of production.

The Chinese company reports that the site for the new factory is; was chosen as it is located in the vicinity of of the factories of some of its important customers such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Stellantis. The factory will allow, therefore, to expand the availability; of cells for the European market at a time when the demand for electric cars is; destined to rise.

As part of its commitment to reduce the carbon footprint in battery manufacturing, CATL will use electricity coming from renewable sources . The new project & egrave; obviously well received by CATL's European customers. In particular, Mercedes wanted to underline the importance of the new factory for its electrification strategy.


This new site will provide; the cells that will then be sent to the Mercedes plants located in Germany and Hungary. The plant will therefore build the battery cells for the next generation Mercedes models . In addition, the German carmaker will be & agrave; the first partner to receive the cells from the Hungarian plant with the pi & ugrave; large initial order in terms of volume.

Thanks to the CATL factory, Mercedes is approaching its 2030 target of having a capacity; 200 GWh of batteries per year in 8 production sites. Robin Zeng , founder and president of CATL, commented:

There is no; doubt that our factory in Debrecen will allow us; to further expand our competitive advantage, better respond to needs of our European customers and accelerate the transition to mobility; electricity in Europe.

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