BMW, from 2025 produce? in series Fuell Cell models developed with Toyota


BMW is pursuing a precise electrification plan which includes the launch of several new battery-powered models during next years. However, the German car manufacturer has always wanted to leave open several further possibilities; not wanting to focus completely on the electric . For example, the manufacturer has always looked with interest at the Fuel Cell . As we know, it is leading the development of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, basically a Fuel Cell version of the well-known X5 SUV. Car that will be produced in a small series starting from the end of 2022.

Now, new confirmation arrives that BMW intends to continue investing in this technology as an alternative to pure electric in order to decarbonise the transport sector . Pieter Nota , member of the board of directors of BMW, speaking with Nikkei stressed that from 2025 BMW will start & agrave; to mass-produce and sell fuel cell vehicles developed in collaboration with Toyota .

Not there is accurate information on these cars, however Note evidence that this technology is; particularly useful on large SUVs.

We see that the technology of hydrogen fuel cells is; particularly relevant for the most SUVs; large.

The collaboration with Toyota could then expand in other directions as well.

We have various projects on which we work with Toyota.

Note's statements are interesting, above all in light of what BMW recently reported during the publication of the latest financial results. On that occasion, in fact, there was talk of a possible new family of Fuel Cell vehicles based on the new Neue Klasse platform which, as we know, will arrive ; precisely in 2025. It seems clear that BMW's strategy will bring about; to the debut of new cars equipped with fuel cells developed in collaboration with Toyota.

Since there is still a long time left, surely more information will arrive, perhaps on the occasion of the official market launch of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen.

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