Autonomous driving, Xiaomi reveals the progress of its Pilot Technology


Xiaomi has an ambitious plan for the automotive sector . As we know, you intend to launch a series of electric cars , with the first model expected to hit the market in 2024. At the same time, the company & agrave; Chinese is also working on the development of autonomous driving solutions .

And just on the topic of autonomous driving there are some important innovations. Indeed Lei Jun , founder and CEO of the Xiaomi Group, has revealed important details of the development of the Xiaomi Pilot Technology platform . This is the first time that the company & agrave; Chinese has provided an update on this area since it decided to enter the automotive sector.

Xiaomi plans to invest RMB 3.3 billion (just under 500 million euros) in the first phase of research and development of its autonomous driving technology. To carry out this work & egrave; a research and development team of 500 professionals was created. Furthermore, Xiaomi will be able to & agrave; take advantage of the skills of some companies in the sector that it has acquired.

The Chinese company also shared a short video showing the progress in the development of this autonomous driving platform . Lei Jun wanted to emphasize that the project has made progress “beyond expectations”. The work is obviously going on and the R&D team will grow; yet to have over 600 professionals.

The core team members have experience working at some of the leading companies. famous in the field of artificial intelligence. Their professional experience covers all areas needed to develop autonomous driving technology, including sensors, chips, algorithms, simulation, data platform and more.

And speaking of the acquisitions of companies working in the autonomous driving sector, Xiaomi recalls that of Shendong Technology . In addition, over 2 billion RMB (just under 300 million euros) will be invested in 10 companies working in this field. Xiaomi works internally on both software and hardware development for autonomous driving.

& Eacute; an & # 39; innovative automatic parking solution was also announced which also includes & quot; autonomous parking with valet service & quot; and automated recharging through a & quot; robotic arm & quot ;. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi plans to create a fleet of 140 test vehicles in the first phase of the development of its autonomous driving technology. They will be tested individually nationwide.

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