Maserati Ghibli, the saluter sedan? the market in 2024


When Maserati had talked about its future and, in particular, about the new electric models of the Folgore series, it did not mentioned the Ghibli. This immediately led to the belief that there was no future for the sedan . Now, confirmation arrives that the Ghibli & egrave; destined, in the next few years, to leave the scene. Grant Barling , Maserati general manager for Australia, speaking to Drive, said that the sedan will begin to disappear from dealerships in 2024 . The idea is that of wanting to rationalize the range of sedans in a market that pushes more and more; towards SUVs.

In this way, the Quattroporte will be able to & agrave; continue to remain on the market even if in the future it will be; a different car than today. In fact, in 2025 it will arrive; a new model that will have; dimensions similar to those of the current Ghibli.


The Ghibli & # 39; exit from the scene will mark also the end of the Maserati V8 engine as this car, the current Quattroporte and the Levante (the SUV will be renewed in 2025) are the latest models of the brand to have this derivative engine Ferrari. The next generations of the Quattroporte and the Levante will be offered in the Folgore version with a 100% electric powertrain. Is not serious; still unclear, however, whether they will also be offered with an internal combustion engine even if & egrave; probable.

The long-term plan is; that the Ghibli will be & agrave; replaced with the Quattroporte. The plan is; that the Ghibli and the Quattroporte become one. Thus, the Quattroporte will become a size model of the Ghibli, but always called Quattroporte. To be fair, the large car segment where & egrave; present the Ghibli & egrave; decreased a lot.

Therefore, from 2024 progressively the Ghibli will be & agrave; disused. The fact that the brand will direct goodbye to the V8 shouldn't be too surprising. Today, in fact, Maserati is focusing on the 3-liter twin-turbo V6 called Nettuno which made its debut on the MC20. The electric models will then cover more and more; importance given that from 2030 the car manufacturer intends to offer a range of battery-only cars.

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