Lucid Motors, new expansion of the factory from 2023 to increase production


Lucid Motors & egrave; struggling with some problems that are slowing down the production of its electric sedan Lucid Air. As we've seen, the American carmaker recently cut production plans for its car. After starting the year with the goal of building 20,000 cars in the course of 2022, the manufacturer now aims to build only 6-7,000 .

Despite these difficulties, the carmaker is continuing to pursue its growth plans . According to a new report, Lucid Motors plans to begin a new phase of expansion of its Arizona plant in 2023. Works that will go on in various steps at least until 2024, if not until 2025.

The original plans of the factory provided for an expansion in 4 steps. The second & egrave; still in progress and & egrave; started in 2021 and foresees the construction of a new building inside which the powertrains will be made and parts of the car will be assembled. But phase 3 should start from 2023 of this expansion project which includes not only the construction of new buildings of the plant but also an expansion of those already; existing. The expansion phase 3 and the subsequent last phase 4 will allow the Lucid Motors factory to reach a capacity; production of over 400 thousand cars per year .

< p>Inside the establishment will be & agrave; also created a Customer Experience Center. A very ambitious expansion project which, however, will first have to; necessarily be preceded by the resolution of assembly problems. Getting to build a model on a large scale starting from scratch is not; easy. In the past, we have seen the difficulties faced by Tesla with his Model 3 and more; recent even those addressed by Rivian.

The next semester will be; very important to understand if Lucid Motors will be & agrave; able to overcome the difficulties and to speed up the assembly of its cars. Although the company & agrave; drastically reduced the production target, however in the first half of the year it had managed to build just 1,405 cars .


We remind you that in parallel with the expansion of the factory in Arizona, Lucid Motors has plans to build a factory in Saudi Arabia and precisely in Kaek, on the Red Sea. Once fully operational, this factory should produce 150,000 cars per year. Thanks to the two plants, the company & agrave; will arrive to have a capacity; annual production exceeding 500 thousand cars.

The expansion of the capacity; of production will serve; also to satisfy the maxi order from Saudi Arabia which ordered 50 thousand cars with an option of an additional 50 thousand units.

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