IONITY, the charging network in Italy is growing: stations active and under construction


IONITY continues to pursue its expansion plan to build a widespread fast charging network throughout Europe. Italy, of course, is also part of this project. In our country the infrastructure continues to grow and just recently & egrave; a new station has been opened in Scarlino , in the province of Grosseto (Tuscany). Station that provides 4 HPC columns of 350 kW . Curiously, it seems that its activation took a very long time. In fact, in the card of this station we read that the construction is; even started on December 31, 2020.

In any case, with the opening of the IONITY station in Scarlino the active stations in Italy have risen to 22 . There are 5 more under construction.

Everyone complains about the absence of columns, but … we talk about it with IONITY 321

Electric 20 May


The IONITY stations active in Italy to date are the following:

  • Scarlino: 4 columns
  • Gioia Tauro: 5 columns
  • East Versilia: 6 columns
  • Les Iles de Brissogne North: 4 columns
  • Battipaglia: 6 columns
  • West Versilia: 6 columns
  • Monselice: 6 columns
  • Agira: 4 columns
  • Portogruaro: 6 columns
  • Piacenza: 6 columns
  • Power: 4 columns
  • Trento: 6 columns
  • Basile Palermo: 2 columns
  • Binasco: 6 columns
  • Montecchio Maggiore: 4 columns
  • Forl & igrave ;: 6 columns
  • Rinovo Nord: 5 columns
  • Ceriale Sud: 6 columns
  • Brugnato Ovest: 4 columns
  • Brennero: 6 columns
  • Carpi: 6 columns
  • Valdichiana Outlet Village: 4 columns

Under construction , on the other hand, we have the following stations:

  • Mondov & igrave;
  • Cavagli & agrave;
  • Conegliano
  • North Rome
  • Lecce


For your new IONTY expansion plan, announced at the end of 2021 invest & agrave; 700 million euros. The goal is to have around 7,000 350 kW charging points by 2025. The number of stations will increase; significantly, going from around 400 to over 1,000. With the expansion of the network, IONITY will match upgrading existing stations to support the rise of electric cars.

Looking further; in general to the Italian territory, the future goal of IONITY is; to quadruple the number of charging points by 2025.

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