Hyundai chooses BorgWarner to supply engines to a new & quot; small & quot; electric


Hyundai has an ambitious expansion plan for the electric car industry. This is why it is entering into a series of strategic agreements with the aim of planning the launch of future battery-powered models in the best possible way. By 2030, 17 new electric models will be proposed (6 under the Genesis brand).

In June 2021, the Korean car manufacturer announced that it had entered into a agreement with BorgWarner for the supply of powertrains that will equip a future & quot; small & quot; electricity whose production should begin towards the middle & agrave; of 2023.

After a little more; one year, Hyundai has entered into an additional supply agreement with BorgWarner. The American company will supply its powertrains for a further electric model of segment A whose production & egrave; expected in the third quarter of 2024 .


We don't know what model this is, of course. However, the Korean brand has still chosen for this carBorgWarner's iDM146 powertrain which features a 400 V architecture and allows a peak power of 135 kW. The American company recalls that the transmission, the motor with an external stator diameter of 146 mm and the 400 V silicon inverter were integrated within a single module.

This powertrain was born to be scalable. Therefore it is; possible to adapt the power and torque according to customer needs . There & ograve; it means that it is not; said the car ultimately delivers that level of power. It will be Hyundai to decide the maximum power based on the characteristics of its new electric cars.

Thanks to this new agreement, we know that in 2023 and 2024 electric models will arrive on the market equipped with powertrains made by BorgWarner.

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