Ford F-150 Lightning, orders reopen but prices go up a lot


Ford has decided to reopen orders for its new F-150 electric pickup Lightning after a momentary hiatus of a few months due to strong demand from customers. As we know, the American carmaker had received over 200,000 reservations for its electric pickup. Precisely for this reason it had intervened to increase production to satisfy requests as soon as possible.

The reopening of the orders comes at the same time as some news; both positive and negative . Positive the announcement of a series of small refinements to the pickup. For example, in addition to the arrival of two new colorways, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist technology is introduced for trailers. For fleets, however, the optional Ford Pro Special Service Vehicle package becomes available. The variant of the pickup with the smaller battery capacity; see increase the EPA range to 240 miles (about 386 km).


With the reopening of the orders comes a novelty; negative and that is; a significant increase in the price of the electric pickup with an increase of over $ 8,000 for some versions. The rise in the price lists & egrave; According to Ford, mainly due to the significant increase in material costs and other unspecified factors. Who already had; ordered the electric pickup will pay & agrave; the old price. The new price list will enter; in effect only for new orders.

The sharp rise in raw materials and car components is hitting a little bit. all the car manufacturers that have had to retouch upwards more; times the prices of their cars. A problem that mainly concerns electric cars which are more exposed to the increase in the prices of elements such as cobalt and nickel that are used to make batteries. Below, the new price list (excluding taxes) of the Ford F-150 Lightning following the adjustments announced by the automaker.

  • Ford F-150 Lightning Pro: $ 46,974
  • Ford F-150 Lightning XLT: $ 59,474
  • Ford F-150 Lightning XLT High: $ 68,474
  • Ford F-150 Lightning XLT High/Extended Range: $ 80,974
  • Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat: $ 74,474
  • Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat Extended Range: $ 85,974
  • Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Extended Range: $ 96,874

For comparison, the debut Pro model had a starting price of $ 39,974, while the XLT version was priced at $ 52,974.

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