Disney+: promotional tariff and price increase in December


As part of the announcement of the quarterly figures, Disney not only announced how many subscribers the Disney+ streaming service now has, but also announced plans for an advertising-financed tariff and a price increase.

Disney+ exceeded expectations

As of the beginning of July 2022, Disney+ reached 152.1 million paid subscribers, representing a quarterly increase of 14.4 million subscribers. Disney has thus clearly exceeded the expectations of the analysts, who had assumed growth of 10 million subscribers.

Promotional Tariff and Price Increase in USA

At the same time, Disney announced a date for the introduction of an advertising-financed tariff in the USA. Accordingly, Disney + Basic, as the tariff with advertising is called, will start on December 8th in the USA and cost $ 7.99 a month. Disney+ Basic will offer the same content as the ad-free subscription, although Disney hasn't made any specific statements about the amount of advertising — though some content may be ad-free, making it available completely free, Disney said. However, this $7.99 for Disney+ Basic corresponds to the price of the current Disney+ subscription in the USA, which currently costs EUR 8.99 per month in Germany. As a result, the normal Disney + subscription will be more expensive at the same time. Disney has announced a price of $10.99 for the still ad-free Disney+, Disney+ Premium.

Price increase in Germany still open

So far, this price increase and the introduction of the advertising-financed Disney+ Basic only to the USA, but it can be assumed that Disney will also extend these subscription plans and the price increase to other markets. It is still unclear when the price increase will also take effect in Germany. At the beginning of 2021, the price of Disney+ in Germany was raised from 6.99 to 8.99 euros.