CPU Market Shares: AMD continues to gain ground over Intel


The company's quarterly reports already suggested it, now the confirmation followed: AMD continues to nibble at Intel's market share, gaining significantly in the entire CPU market compared to the previous year and is now at 28.1 Percent market share based on sales – a new record for the company.

AMD gains in all segments

The trend is clear, but in the server segment in particular, the information continues to differ significantly depending on the analysis. Even Mercury Research lists different numbers depending on whether you're looking at unit count or sales. 13.9 percent is shown as the current figure corresponding to the previous values, which, thanks to high average prices, is already reflected in a 22.9 percent market share in terms of sales.

In the other segments, too, it depends on which assessment basis is used, although nowhere is the discrepancy as pronounced as with servers. In the desktop AMD now has a market share of 20.6 percent measured in unit numbers, the share of sales is slightly lower at 18.8 percent in this case. In the case of notebooks, on the other hand, AMD's share climbs to 24.8 percent in terms of the number of units shipped, and its share of sales in the market segment is 27.0 percent.

The numbers underpin AMD's strategy, more to put on the notebook and the server. In the end, both segments bring in more money with the same number of items due to higher prices and are also the primary growth drivers.

Zen 4 celebrates its premiere in the desktop -PC

Nonetheless, the desktop business will be the first in the coming weeks to launch the new Zen 4 architecture with Raphael aka Ryzen 7000 – with launch scheduled for May 15th September expected. But the server will follow suit and will also switch to Zen 4 this year – in this case the architecture is called “Genoa”.

Overall CPU Market Share: AMD Wins

The overall result is impressive for AMD either way. The increase in market shares in all areas will also be reflected in the bottom line, which includes console chips in addition to processors for PCs, servers and notebooks. This value is therefore traditionally a little higher.

Market shares of AMD processors Segment market shares
Q2/2022 change
to Q1/2022 change
to Previous year Desktop 20.6% + 2.3PP + 3.5PP Notebook 24.8% + 2.3PP + 4.8PP Server 13.9% + 2.3PP + 4.4PP Total (incl SoC & IoT) ? ? ? Data from Mercury Research, PP = percentage points

There is no detailed data available for Intel, although of course AMD's gains are almost exclusively at the expense of its big competitor. These will be submitted later with notification.