Vivaldi 5.4 with Vivaldi Mail 1.1: Chromium browser with new email client released


The latest version of the Chromium-based Vivaldi browser from the Norwegian technology company Vivaldi Technologies of the same name is 5.4 with the integrated e-mail client Vivaldi Mail 1.1 and, for the first time, customizable rocker gestures and mutable panel appeared.

Vivaldi Mail 1.1 as product maintenance

Vivaldi Mail 1.1 does not introduce any really relevant new functions, instead the developers have done some fine-tuning. The same applies to the calendar and RSS reader integrated in Vivaldi Mail. The makers promise “noticeable differences” in terms of speed and performance. Working with a large number of user accounts at the same time is said to have been significantly accelerated.

Vivaldi 5.4 with Vivaldi Mail 1.1 (image: Vivaldi Technologies)

How reveal the official release notes, optimizations and error corrections for the IMAP and POP3 accounts as well as the filter function and faster e-mail synchronization flow into the client.

Vivaldi 5.4 can make HTTPS mandatory

Vivaldi can now also make encrypted connections via the secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) mandatory via Settings → Address bar → Security functions. The browser now issues a warning if a website does not support it.

figure> The new HTTPS function and mute web panels in Vivaldi 5.4 (Image: Vivaldi Technologies)

In addition, the so-called “web panels” with which favorite websites in the sidebar of the browser for faster access and organize, now also mute.

Customizable rocker gestures for the mouse

The so-called “rocker gestures” allow the Mouse buttons perform any action in Vivaldi. Previously, the actions performed were preconfigured with the “Forward and Backward” commands and can be fully customized by the user for the first time with Vivaldi 5.4.

Customizable rocker gestures in Vivaldi 5.4 (Image: Vivaldi Technologies)

As the official announcement by the Icelandic telecommunications researcher and Vivaldi Managing Director Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and the official changelog, numerous obligatory error corrections and optimizations have once again been incorporated.

All innovations and bug fixes should also be incorporated promptly into the Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS, which celebrated its premiere in the infotainment system of the Swedish electric vehicle Polestar 2 (test).

Download on ComputerBase

The Vivaldi 5.4 browser for Windows, macOS and Linux, which also has an integrated e-mail client as well as a calendar and an RSS reader can be downloaded as usual from the download area directly below this message.


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