Stores charge absurd amounts for AirTags: up to 80 euros each


AirTags are currently extremely expensive

Coolblue and MediaMarkt ask 50 euros for a separate tracker. At Belsimpel they try to stretch the price to €64.95 and on traders even ask 80 euros for it! Where does it end?

They are absurd prices, but apparently there are enough people to pay for it. The pricey $50 AirTags are sold out, while it's only recently that you could easily buy four for $100. Bargains are over for now, as far as AirTags are concerned.

The cause? Many newspapers and general news media wrote that people put a tracker in their suitcase to find out where their belongings are at Schiphol. That has undoubtedly prompted others to purchase an AirTag as well. Fortunately, you don't have to go wrong and you don't have to pay 50 euros or more.

The AirTag is in stock at the Apple Store for the usual suggested retail price and you can also add an inscription to it. set choice. You can pick up immediately at a physical Apple Store, so that you can immediately go from there to Schiphol (tip: bus 397 runs directly from Apple Amsterdam to the airport).

  • 1 piece: €35,- (in stock)
  • 4 pieces: €119,- (in stock)

< p>There are also shops that charge normal prices but simply don't have any stock. This applies, for example, to the AirTags at Amac: this store uses the normal suggested retail price of 35 euros, but simply has no stock. The AirTags at YourMacStore are also normally priced (34 euros), but the delivery time is unknown.

If you prefer to order online and not from Apple, you can go to Amazon, who sell them for 35 euros. However, you won't receive delivery until the end of September, so that's not going to happen.

In short: anyone who needs an AirTag would be wise not to pay absurd amounts, but simply buy it from Apple. If you are looking for a bargain, take a look across the border: in Germany there is no run on AirTags (yet) and you can find them there for 33 euros each or around 100 euros for a pack of four. Or make it a day in Belgium from and pick them up at the Belgian APR Lab9.

Note that some stores in the price comparison below have a long delivery time or little stock.

1 piece4 pieces


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