Mercedes exploit? Unity to create a new infotainment system


The development of infotainment systems & egrave; very important in the automotive sector. Car manufacturers are investing a lot of resources in this field to offer customers digital services more and more; advanced. As we know, today Mercedes offers the MBUX platform on its cars. The German car manufacturer from 2024 will bring & agrave; at the debut the new software platform MB.OS which will manage; several key aspects of the new vehicles including the infotainment system.

Magnus & Ouml; stberg , chief software officer of Mercedes, speaking with Automotive News Europe provided some more details; about what will come on future cars of the German brand. The executive confirmed that they will use the well-known Unity platform to develop the next generation of their infotainment system. More in detail, the Mercedes developers will exploit this platform to create the new user interface of the infotainment system, digital instrumentation and screens dedicated to entertainment possibly offered to passengers.

Unity and Mercedes have already started to collaborate; 5 years ago on some prototypes. The result of this joint work can be done; see, for example, on board the Vision EQXX concept. Thanks to Unity, functionalities will be available in the future; of reality augmented reality, 3D avatars that act as virtual assistants, 3D maps and much more.

MB.OS-based infotainment systems will also expand the entertainment offering. For example, games and audio and video streaming services will be available to users thanks to the collaboration with Zync. Therefore, future Mercedes will have particularly advanced digital solutions. After all, the German car manufacturer had more; times reiterated the will & agrave; to focus heavily on the digital offer, a sector that seems destined to become a new and interesting opportunity; of business thanks to the availability; of advanced paid services.

Cars, therefore, which are destined to become more and more & ugrave; computer on 4 wheels . All that remains is to wait for more information on the digital evolution of Mercedes cars to better understand what will come next. in the future.

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