GeForce & Studio Driver 516.94: Nvidia fixes critical security vulnerabilities


With the new version 516.94 of the GeForce and Studio drivers, Nvidia fixes several critical security holes and vulnerabilities. Overall, the manufacturer has closed 14 potential gateways for attackers and also made the obligatory optimizations to its graphics drivers.

Nvidia closes 14 security gaps in August


As announced by Nvidia in “Security Bulletin: Nvidia GPU Display Driver – August 2022”, the following 14 vulnerabilities in the graphics drivers for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris have been fixed, including a vulnerability in the kernel mode layer nvlddmkm.sys that caused a system crash or unauthorized disclosure of sensitive internal kernel information.

Security Bulletin: Nvidia GPU Display Driver – August 2022

  • CVE‑2022‑31606, base score: 7.8
  • CVE-2022-31607 Base Score: 7.8
  • CVE-2022-31608 Base Score: 7.8
  • CVE-2022-31609 Base Score: 7.8
  • CVE-2022-31610, base score: 7.8
  • CVE-2022-31617, base score: 7.8
  • CVE-2022-31612 , Base Score: 7.1
  • CVE‑2022‑31613, Base Score: 7.1
  • CVE‑2022‑31614, Base Score: 7.0
  • < li>CVE-2022-34665, base score: 6.5

  • CVE-2022-34666, base score: 6.5
  • CVE-2022-31616, base score: 6 ,1
  • CVE-2022-31615, base score: 5.5
  • CVE-2022-31618, base score: 5.5

The Linux driver also receives an update

The systems of the Linux Users using the latest official graphics driver from Nvidia, the so-called Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD Driver 515.65.01 from the production branch, are also affected by the vulnerabilities and will receive a corresponding update.

The vulnerabilities also affect Linux (image: Nvidia)

Game Ready for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

Aside from the security-related improvements of both WHQL drivers, the Game Ready driver also gets Day 0 support for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and supports DLSS, DLAA, HBAO+ and improved ray tracing effects in this game, according to the manufacturer.< /p>

In addition, the driver is Game Ready for Madden NFL 23 and the beta for the first-person shooter Super People developed by Wonder People and Oscar Mike Studio.

Besides CUDA 11.7, there is also official support for the upcoming Windows 11 22H2, which has already been released as a preview.

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, the latest GeForce and Studio graphics drivers and the GeForce Experience can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message. The latest Nvidia Linux Display Driver version 515.65.01 (Release Notes) is also linked accordingly.

More information can be found in the release notes for GeForce driver 516.94 (PFD) and Studio Driver 516.94 (PDF).

The “Lansweeper” YouTube channel goes into detail about the closed security gaps in an easy-to-understand manner.


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