The Volvo Group wants to build a battery plant in Sweden


The electrification process is not just about electric cars but the whole world of transport . More and more in fact, news often arrives related to the launch of electric trucks and buses . To support the demand for such vehicles, the Volvo Group has decided to build a battery factory in which to produce the batteries needed to support the increased production of its electric models.

Volvo Group, remember, should not be confused with Volvo Cars from which & egrave; independent since 1999, that is; since the auto division was sold to Ford. Volvo Group owns brands such as Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses . The company underlines that today there is a strong demand from customers for electric vehicles. The goal is that electric models represent 35% of sales by 2030.

Therefore, to reach this goal, it will serve & agrave; an adequate supply of batteries to build a sufficient number of electric models. For this, the company & agrave; has decided to directly produce the accumulators for its vehicles. The new plant will be; built in Sweden. The company & agrave; states that it would be interested in the Skaraborg region of Sweden as the location for the construction of the factory. In particular, we look favorably on a site located in the municipality of Mariestad which is; located next to Volvo Group's current main powertrain plant in Sk & ouml; vde.

In addition, the Volvo Group R&D centers and G & ouml; teborg headquarters are just two hours away of distance. The company adds that cell production is expected to reach full capacity by 2030 . The battery cells will be specifically designed for applications in commercial vehicles and, in particular, in electric trucks and buses.

Not & egrave; clear if the construction of the plant will be carried out with some company that already works; in the field of batteries. In addition to having an adequate supply of batteries for its vehicles, Volvo Group will have an adequate supply of batteries for its vehicles. full control over the type of cells that will be produced as well. All that remains is to wait for further details of this interesting project.

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