Siemens and Mahle together for the development of wireless charging


The wireless charging for electric cars & egrave; view more and more; with interest from companies as a way to simplify energy supplies. We have talked about this issue several times. Now, here comes an interesting news; which concerns Siemens and Mahle . These two companies, in fact, have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in the development of this charging system. Stefan Perras , Head of Pre-development and Innovation for Charging Infrastructure at Siemens, commented on the agreement:

Wireless charging of electric vehicles is emerging as an important market for the future. In addition to making life considerably more; easy for motorists, who no longer have to & ugrave; tinker with cables and connectors, & egrave; a fundamental requirement for the self-driving cars of tomorrow.


In the beginning, these two companies & agrave; they will not focus on developing technology. In fact, they will work to get to fill a number of gaps with 's goalensure full interoperability between vehicles and charging infrastructure. Specifically, a series of tests will be carried out between the wireless charging equipment of the cars and the charging infrastructure. This work will allow & agrave; to obtain a series of technical improvements of wireless charging systems as well as guaranteeing perfect interoperability. Some of the tests will be performed as part of publicly funded projects. One of the areas of interest in the work of the two companies will be; the promotion of standards for inductive charging technology.

Furthermore, & egrave; expected a & quot; close exchange of ideas & quot; for the development of a complete inductive charging system for electric vehicles. Harald Straky , Vice President for Global Development in Mechatronics and Electronics at MAHLE, commented:

We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Siemens to make important progress in inductive charging. The combined experience of both companies will give us & agrave; a clear competitive advantage.

The ultimate goal of the two companies & agrave; & egrave; therefore to accelerate the & quot; maturation & quot; of wireless charging technology to make it available on a large scale in the future.

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