Slackware × Fluxbox = Slax 15: Live system with persistence only needs 250 MB


The minimal operating system Slax goes back to its roots and relies in the latest version 15.0 on the Linux dinosaur Slackware, the oldest still active Linux distribution and the first to have widespread worldwide distribution , as well as the resource-saving window manager Fluxbox in version 1.3.7.

A dinosaur as the basis for a lightweight

The combination of the Slackware substructure and Fluxbox window manager, which is expanded to include the XLaunch application launcher, requires only 250 megabytes of storage space and, if desired, can also run entirely in the system's main memory.

Slax with Fluxbox and XLaunch (Image: Slax)

The focus of developer Tomáš Matějíček is on using resources as sparingly as possible and on in-depth configuration options for the work environment. In addition to the Slackware basis, an offshoot of the operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux is also offered.

Two variants with Slackware and Debian

With version 15.0, which has now been released, the operating system, which is designed in particular as a persistent live system, returns to its roots and is based on Slackware for the first time since November 2017.

Base and Lineage

  • GNU/Linux →
    • SLS →
        < li>Slackware →

        • Slax 15.x
  • GNU/Linux →
    • Debian →
      • Slax 11.x
Work Environment and Desktop

  • Fluxbox 1.3.7 as window manager
    • XLaunch as application launcher
Operating system kernel

  • Linux 5.15 LTS
init software & -Process

  • UNIX System V (SysV)

Unlike live distributions based on Knoppix, for example, Slax uses a modular concept. The modules usually contain several program packages.

Basic system can be expanded with modules

Optional modules can be added to the Slax basic installation and the functionality of the system can be expanded. This concept allows for easy customization to the needs of the user.

Slax relies on persistence and extensibility

Slax takes an approach with the smallest possible footprint, so that requires Basic system less than 250 megabytes on the hard disk or a USB memory. With the so-called “Slax Persistent Changes”, the live system can be expanded at any time with additional modules, libraries and applications.

Just try Slax Linux

The system images Slax 15.0 (.ISO) and Slax 11.4 (.ISO), which are optimized for AMD64, can be quickly and easily upgraded to a written to USB media and tried out as a live system without much risk.

For more information on Slax, visit the official website and the very helpful Slax Discord Channel.