Steffen Baumgart: “It gets on my nerves”


1. FC Köln may have won their Bundesliga opener against FC Schalke 04, but the joy doesn't last long. Coach Steffen Baumgart bursts after the final whistle.

Frustrated with changing his Players: Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart

Around an hour after the final whistle, Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart took his seat in the press conference room at the Rheinenergie Stadium. At first he was happy about the 3-1 (0-0) win over FC Schalke 04, but that changed a few minutes later. Because the anger about the change of his player Anthony Modeste came to the fore. In a small angry speech, the 50-year-old grumbled about the point at which Modeste's move to Borussia Dortmund leaked out. The 34-year-old is to replace the sick Sebastien Haller at BVB.

“The fact that it comes out today on the day of the game is what pisses me off,” said Baumgart and added: “It also has to do with fair play, that you keep it under the cover and don’t talk big. That’s what I get the eggs,” he explained. “So we got into a difficult situation four hours before the game and I have the arse card because I have a good relationship with Tony personally and have to make the decision to take out the boy who would have liked to play.”

Always active on the sidelines: Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart

He does not want to judge who released the forthcoming transfer, which is due to be finalized on Monday. “It doesn't matter whether it came from Tony's environment, from us or from Dortmund,” said Baumgart: “But I'm relatively sure that it didn't come from us because we don't harm ourselves.”

Baumgart: “We won't be in mourning for long”

With 20 goals in the past season, Modeste was instrumental in the fact that the Cologne team was able to qualify for international business with a good seventh place. “Unfortunately, that's part of our job, there are always other clubs that can pay more, that are bigger than us,” Baumgart said on the DAZN microphone. “Everyone can imagine that this is borderline and questionable for us in terms of timing.”

It is clear that Modeste will be missing from his team. Last season's figures speak for themselves. The striker is an “extraordinary player” who has often flirted with saying goodbye to the cathedral city, according to Baumgart. The trainer's gaze was directed ahead again before the kick-off. “We will not be in mourning for long.” Baumgart therefore sent Jan Thielmann and Florian Dietz onto the field against Schalke. The people of Cologne would keep their way of playing football “regardless of the players we have”, stressed Baumgart.

Praise for “Modeste replacement”

Great cheering among the Cologne players – Luca Kilian (2nd from right) scores to give the hosts the lead

And the guests from Gelsenkirchen were able to see what it looks like up close. Effzeh showed a strong and concentrated performance against the promoted team. Schalke struggled with the video evidence that led to the withdrawal of Rodrigo Zalazar's goal and the red card for ex-Cologne Dominick Drexler. Kilian, Florian Kainz and Dejan Ljubicic, on the other hand, scored for the hosts in accordance with the rules. Marius Bülter only scored the goal for the Royal Blues.

Cologne made good use of their superiority and “Modeste replacement” Dietz even received extra praise from his coach. “He played a good preparation and Flo is important for us in this situation when Tony is gone,” said Baumgart and ventured a look into the future: “We said that we would work with the guys who are here and The guys are trying to develop and develop our way. As long as they keep going like that, I'm convinced that we won't win every game, but we'll have a lot of fun with them because they'll give it their all,” said Baumgart /p>



1. FC Cologne – FC Schalke 04 3: 1 (0: 0)

Goal: 1: 0 Kilian  (49th), 2: 0 Kainz (62nd), 2: 1 Bülter (76th), Ljubicic (80th)

Spectators: 50,000 (sold out)

Red card: Drexler (Schalke) because of a serious foul play (35.)