Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, the 12 exclusive specimens are ready


Bentley Bacalar & egrave; an exclusive model made by the Mulliner department. Presenting this special car, the British manufacturer said that only 12 would be built. Apparently, the specimens of this small special series are ready: eight are already; in the hands of the owners and four in the final stages of preparation.

Each car & egrave; unique and & egrave; been customized following customer requests. It took 6 months of work to complete each single model. The imminent completion of the Bacalar will allow for Mulliner team to focus attention on the next project , which will be; soon unveiled.


La Bacalar & egrave; was brought to life by Bentley Mulliner to relaunch its specialization in creating exclusive cars for only a few and demanding customers. Although this exclusive model derives from the Continental GT, the changes made are many.

For example, the carbon fiber body is; finished with a custom color for each customer and no two cars are alike. Each car has 22-inch Tri-Finish wheels, with glossy surfaces, dark gray satin spokes and additional characterizing elements that complete the exterior.

The beating heart is; a 6-liter twin-turbo W12 engine already used within other models of the English brand. Thanks to a series of interventions, this unit & agrave; & egrave; capable of delivering 659 hp (485 kW) with 900 Nm of torque . Relevant performances, we speak of a speed; maximum of 318 km/h, but also a lot of luxury for the interior. Each model is been heavily customized by customers, however, we find precious inlays and unique finishes for the driver's controls, 148,199 individual stitches needed to embroider the exclusive Bacalar quilted design on each seat and many other exclusive details. Maria Mulder , Head of Color, Materials and Finishes, commented:

Designing a Bacalar & egrave; an exercise in imagination: the material, color and finish of all internal and external surfaces have been customized. Regardless of personal style, whether it was to specify the Bacalar with a bold Yellow Flame exterior paint synthesized with rice husk ash, or with a pi & ugrave; delicate Moss Green reflecting the heritage by Bentley. Many details have also been developed by hand such as the piping of the seats or the creation of a set of unique fabrics, Bacalar offers you all these opportunities.

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