GM improves Super Cruise, hands-free driving on over 640,000 km of roads


The Level 3 driver assistance systems (here we explain the meaning) are already; a reality in some countries and on some cars. For example, General Motors has developed Super Cruise which on some of its models allows hands-free driving along a network of well-defined roads . This platform initially debuted on some Cadillac models and thanks to OTA updates is continuously evolving.

Now, the American Group has announced an important news; for its advanced driving assistance platform. Soon, the road network where you can & agrave; use Super Cruise double & agrave; . By the end of the year, a total of 400,000 miles (over 640,000km) of roads between the United States and Canada will be made compatible.

This novelty will be available for cars equipped with the Super Cruise system and based on the VIP (Vehicle Intelligence Platform). Think, for example, of the Cadillac Escalade, CT4 and CT5 models. Everything will come; free of charge through an OTA update by the end of the year.

Soon, Super Cruise will be & agrave; also available on the new Lyriq electric crossover and other new cars. In order to take advantage of this advanced driver assistance platform, cars have a range of sensors such as radar, GPS and cameras. The system then leverages road mapping data that was obtained with the help of the company. Usher.

Super Cruise accelerates or brakes the vehicle to maintain the selected distance to the vehicle in front, steers to maintain the position inside the lane and, on some models, when offered , can & ograve; perform lane changes, monitoring the position of the driver's head and/or eyes in relation to the road to ensure the driver's attention.

General Motors will continue & agrave; to evolve its Super Cruise platform which will progressively be; always made available on multiple; models.

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