E.ON with Alpitronic installer? in Europe 2 thousand columns for ultrafast recharging


Extend the charging infrastructure & egrave; a very important step to make mobility more and more electric; accessible. Lately, companies are especially accelerating on the installation of high-power charging points to allow electric cars to take long journeys without problems.

On this issue, an interesting news arrives concerning E.ON which has decided to invest to install thousands of new high-power charging points in the Old Continent.


Entering more and more; specifically, the company stated that it intends to install 2,000 high-power charging stations across Europe by the end of 2024 . Unfortunately, no indication has been given of where exactly these new energy supply points will arise. The plan, however, goes beyond this date. Indeed, by 2026, E.ON plans to install a total of around 5,000 new fast charging points. The plans also include the expansion of existing sites as well as the construction of completely new charging stations.

Partner of this project will be & agrave; Alpitronic which will provide its latest generation charging stations with powers ranging from 150 to 300 kW. E.ON will use Hypercharger HYC150 and Hypercharger HYC300 models. In the future, it will be & agrave; the HYC400 model was also used, with total power up to 400 kW, in addition to the new 50 kW HYC50 column created to be easily installed; on the wall, for example, inside car parks.

But the partnership goes beyond the simple supply of charging stations. In fact, the two companies intend to work to improve the users' charging experience. For this reason, for example, we think about the introduction of Plug & amp; Charge technology which allows you to recharge the car simply by connecting the cable and without having to use apps or cards.

The two partners also intend to work to develop solutions dedicated to charging heavy vehicles. No precise details have been provided but the first pilot sites with fast truck charging infrastructures will be built in several locations; European countries by 2024.

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