Afrimaxx: The High Art of the “African Way of Life”


The new DW magazine “Afrimaxx” invites you on a journey of discovery to Africa: Week after week it presents trends, tips and traditions. Aha effects are guaranteed – for example with the “rebellious drink” from Ghana.

“Afrimaxx” moderator Ayanda Thabethe presents the diverse lifestyle of her home continent

Diverse like the continent – that's the motto to which the people behind “Afrimaxx” feel committed. Your luck: Africa offers an almost endless abundance of fascinating people, impressive landscapes and clever ideas. Sub-Saharan Africa, the target area of ​​the new DW format, is also a “young” region in which, according to the United Nations, the average age of the people is in some cases well below 30 years.

That played an important role in the orientation of the concept of the show, says DW program director Gerda Meuer: “With 'Afrimaxx' we are focusing very clearly on a young target group that we inspire and want to pick up with their topics a different view of the continent emerges, which is about lifestyle, about trends, about fashion and modernity.”

Every good bartender in Ghana has the “Akpeteshie” in their program

Of national drinks and award winners

In the first episode of the 26-minute English-language magazine this Friday (August 5th, 2022), viewers can expect a colorful mix of topics, ranging from architecture and “rebellious drinks” from Ghana to shrill party buses in Kenya enough.

The program features a portrait of the architect Francis Kéré. This year, the 57-year-old was the first African-born representative of his profession to win the renowned Pritzker Prize. It will also be about “Akpeteshie”, the Ghanaian national drink – a drink that is made by distilling palm wine or sugar cane and was banned by the British colonial rulers. The Ghanaians say it reflects their history of rebellion and the urge for freedom.

The legendary Matatu taxis from Kenya are also featured in “Afrimaxx” in the first issue. The minibuses pimped up with graffiti, loudspeakers and disco lights are very popular with young Kenyans, especially in the evening and at night. And “Afrimaxx” portrays one of the most well-known artists, who conjures up hip party mobiles from old rusty leaves.

In Kenya, matatus are more than just shared taxis: at night they become hip party locations

“Euromaxx” goes Africa

The idea of ​​showing the lifestyle of a continent in all its facets has proven itself at DW: For years, “Euromaxx” has conveyed the attitude towards life of young and young-at-heart Europeans. Building on this successful concept, the culture and Africa departments developed “Afrimaxx”, which is aimed at a young African audience between the ages of 14 and 49.

But the new magazine, which is being produced together with an African cooperation partner, is by no means intended to be just a copy of the European original, stresses Rolf Rische, Head of the Culture and Documentation Department: “We see Africa from a special perspective: we see creativity, Talent, ability, dynamism and success.” Claus Stäcker, head of the Africa programs, is convinced that the production kills three birds with one stone: “We convey a positive attitude to life from Africa, which is reflected in the news reports often falls short. We combine the strengths of Deutsche Welle – a successful lifestyle magazine here, regional expertise there. And we work together with a strong African partner on an equal footing right from the start.” According to Claus Stäcker, this combination could become a formula for success, and complement successful productions such as EcoAfrica or The77Percent.

She is the face of the new magazine: Ayanda Thabethe

Superstar as presenter

The presenter Ayanda Thabethe combines many of these attributes: The 36-year-old South African had already made a name for herself as an entrepreneur and actress before she became known as a top model and TV presenter.

She will be the face of “Afrimaxx” and the viewers on their weekly forays through the culinary and cultural diversity of their accompany the home continent.

Broadcast starts on August 5, 2022.

On DW (English):

Fri: 17:30 UTC/19:30 CEST/18:30 CET

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Curious? Here's a little insight into the new show:

New at DW: the lifestyle magazine “Afrimaxx”