Carlos Tavares, Stellantis close to overtake Volkswagen in the electric


The automotive sector is undergoing a major change with the arrival of mobility; electric. This “transformation” brings challenges, difficulties but also new opportunities. Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis spoke, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, about this revolution that the automotive industry is facing. Compared to the past when he was rather critical of electrification, Tavares sees this process as an opportunity; growth for Stellantis.

When the rules for competitions are changed, teams are surprised at the beginning, they don't always agree. At some point for & ograve; they have to reset, from technology to design if they want to remain competitive. And this is; what is happening in the automotive sector. L & rsquo; electrification & egrave; the most great industrial transformation of recent years, wanted by politics with the deadline of 2035, voted by the European Parliament and therefore by the citizens. I believe that in the DNA of the group there are the skills; to transform it into a great opportunity.


Tavares highlights the fundamental role of Italy in Stellantis' strategy , confirming that two new B-segment models for Fiat will arrive next year. No other details have been added, but one of these two new models should be a B-SUV of which a lot is made; talked about in recent times.

Furthermore, he stressed that the work done on Alfa Romeo has made it possible to make this brand profitable ahead of its time. The number one of Stellantis recalls that they are investing 14 billion euros a year in research, development and plants. A work that is bearing fruit given the positive results of the first half of 2022.


All the transformations, especially in Europe, raise concerns, fears. But electrification represents a great opportunity, not just a risk.

The market numbers are actually proving Stellantis right. Tavares, in fact, underlined how the Group, at the level of electric sales in Europe, is only behind the Volkswagen Group of a few thousand units & agrave; (Tavares talks about less than 3,000 cars of difference). A result possible thanks to the sales of the 100% electric models of the various brands that are doing well. In this regard, it is not possible to not remembering the excellent performance of the new electric 500 which is was the most sold among BEV models in the first half of both Italy and Germany.

We have the technology, the people, the facilities and the skills; manufacturing to reach 2030 as one team. In Europe we are in second place in sales of electric cars with less than 3,000 units & agrave; behind Volkswagen; I can say that we are on his neck. In the United States, we are third in low emission vehicles. We are competing for the best.

Also, apparently, Stellantis will not take & agrave; the road taken by Ford to separate the activities; of electric cars from those of endothermic ones.

In Stellantis there is no & rsquo; & egrave; old and new to divide, we are a single group that goes in one direction. I understand the concerns, but we are investing 30 billion euros in electrification and software. At the beginning of next year we will make announcements of the B segment which is very important for Italy.

And on the topic of dependence on Asia for mobility; electric, Tavares says that the European Union is catching up and that the new Gigafactories of Stellantis will make their contribution.

Europe is catching up on this. We are investing in three gigafactories for the production of batteries, in France, Germany and Italy. In Termoli, as we announced some time ago. In France we are making it in Douvrin, in Kaiserlautern in Germany. Will they help reduce dependence on Asia.

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