Volkswagen Group chooses Innoviz LiDAR sensors for its future cars


CARIAD , the Volkswagen Group's software development division, is working on a advanced assisted driving platform which will be & agrave; present inside the future cars of the Group. But to get to offer it, cars will need to be equipped with a series of sensors such as radar and LiDAR. In this regard comes an important news. Indeed, the Israeli company Innoviz Technologies has announced that it will provide; to CARIAD its InnovizTwo LiDAR sensors and the related software platform.

Therefore, the LiDARs made by Innoviz Technologies will find a place inside the future cars of the Group Volkswagen which will offer advanced assisted driving solutions. No particular details of the deal were shared. However, the news is; very important considering the plans of CARIAD and the Volkswagen Group.

Recall that in recent times CARIAD has entered into a series of strategic agreements with Bosch and Qualcomm relating to the development of advanced assisted driving solutions. These are signs that CARIAD is pushing for the development of functionalities; Advanced ADAS. Moreover, the division of the Volkswagen Group has the necessity; to accelerate its work since in recent times there have been several criticisms on the pace of software development that would not be as expected.

Innoviz Technologies will provide; its LiDAR sensors to the Volkswagen Group starting from the mid & agrave; of the decade. We do not know on which cars they will be mounted: we are only talking about cars sold by several; brands of the German Group. All that remains is to wait for further information on the work that CARIAD is carrying out to better understand what we will find in the future on the cars of the German Group.

According to what has been told, l & # 39 ; supply agreement will have; a duration of 8 years and will have; worth 4 billion dollars. Innoviz plans to supply units & agrave; LiDAR for between 5 and 8 million Volkswagen Group vehicles.

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