Realm of the skies: The 11th expansion for Anno 1800 will be released at the end of August


It's been five years since Anno 1800 (test) was presented at Gamescom 2017. And almost three and a half years ago, the development strategy game developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte in Mainz was released. Since then, numerous additional content has followed – also in 2022 with a fourth Season Pass. The 11th expansion is now just around the corner.

Second expansion of the fourth season at the end of August

A first, second and third season, each with three smaller or slightly larger expansions, is followed this year by the Season 4 Pass. In April, the first DLC about a modular hacienda for the agricultural sector of the New World was released with “Keim der Hoffnung”. As a second expansion, “Realm of the Air” was announced for the summer of 2022. Now the developer is getting more specific: On August 9th at 5:00 p.m. the DLC and an associated new scenario will be presented in detail in a live stream on Twitch and at the end of the month players will be allowed to take off. In between there should be more information and teasers, promises Blue Byte. There was already a first humorous insert on Twitter last Thursday.

In “Land of the Air” everything revolves around the airships, which were initially introduced with the Arctic DLC in the first season. With “the latest building materials from the New World” players should be able to build some new Zeppelin models, which differ from each other by different specializations. So it is possible with the 11th DLC to use the airships to transport goods and people in the New World and to set up a postal system. The battle for supremacy in the sky will also be able to be fought.

“Realm of the Air” is included in the Season 4 Pass, which costs around 25 euros, but in all likelihood will also available separately.

Cosmetic Altstadt DLC and larger expansion to follow

A few months ago, Blue Byte had a vote on the topic of the 9th cosmetic DLC – and an “Old Town Pack” was able to prevail against a nature-loving and a creepy cosmetic bundle. The developer now shows some concepts for the DLC in a graphic, including numerous elements of a modular medieval city wall. The team is currently working on the final 3D models. Blue Byte has not yet announced a release date.

Anno 1800 preview to the 9th cosmetic DLC “Old Town Pack” (Image: Ubisoft Blue Byte)

The same applies to the 12th expansion “Rise of the New World”, which was released at the end of the year will bring a third population tier, a monument, and new, larger islands to the New World. Ubisoft emphasizes that residents will “embrace their cultural roots” and “form a self-confident identity”. The fact that the people of Central and South America have so far only functioned as subordinate workers and suppliers for the Old World, which is much more important in the game, was already a reason for criticism when the game was published, which Blue Byte is now presumably addressing – albeit with some delay.