Hyundai brings its XCIENT Fuel Cell truck to Germany


Hyundai , as we know, believes a lot in Fuel Cell technology to decarbonise the transport sector. Precisely for this reason, the Korean company has launched several projects that exploit this technology. In particular, the automaker aims to use the Fuel Cell in the heavy-duty sector, and in 2020 it launched the XCIENT hydrogen truck.

Overall, Hyundai already has; 47 XCIENT trucks delivered to Switzerland . These vehicles have accumulated over 4 million km of driving in July 2022. Now, the carmaker has decided to bring its XCIENT truck also to Germany , one of the largest markets; important in Europe for commercial vehicles.


According to the reports, 7 German companies in the logistics, manufacturing and retail sectors, they will put 27 XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks into service within their fleet. The project & egrave; was carried out thanks to funding allocated for ecological commercial vehicles by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

The financing is; available for battery electric vehicles, fuel cell and electric hybrid vehicles with pantograph, together with refueling/recharging infrastructures and related feasibility studies. BMDV will have a budget of 1.6 billion euros is available until 2024 for the purchase of ecological commercial vehicles.

The Korean manufacturer has made it known that, in addition to bringing its trucks in Germany, also intends to create a complete ecosystem of services in this country.

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and the company; H2 Energy, also founded Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Germany GmbH (HHMG) to actively enter the hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle market in Germany. In order to establish a hydrogen ecosystem in the country, HHMG will manage; local market sales and customer service, as well as & eacute; upfitter management in the market. HHMG also plans to actively participate in the second funding program.

Speaking of the specifics of the truck, Hyundai points out that the powertrain & egrave; consisting of a 350 kW electric motor. We then have three 72 kWh batteries and a 180 kW Fuel Cell system. The truck has 7 tanks which offer a capacity; storage of almost 31 kg of hydrogen. The autonomy of the truck is about 400 km . Refueling with hydrogen takes about 8 to 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.

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