General Motors: Super Cruise drives over 640,000 km according to level 2+


General Motors (GM) wants to update the number of roads supported by the Super Cruise assistance system from the current 200,000 to over 400,000 miles or around 643,000 km. Super Cruise is a level 2+ system that no longer requires hands on the steering wheel, but unlike level 3 it still requires the driver's attention.

Super Cruise is offered by GM for group brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Hummer and has so far relieved drivers of accelerating and braking on interstates as well as steering within their own lane. Super Cruise can also perform system- and driver-initiated lane changes to overtake slower vehicles or to merge the car to the end of a lane. The lane changes came as an update earlier this year with support from followers. With Super Cruise, the company relies on the interaction of various sensors such as cameras, radar and lidar and at the same time monitors the driver's attention via appropriate sensors in the cockpit.

At level 2+ the driver remains responsible

Level 2+ assistance systems are offered by various car manufacturers, primarily in North America. In addition to Super Cruise, Tesla's autopilot belongs to this class of assistance systems. BMW also offers an extended version of the Driving Assistant Professional in the USA, which in the “Assisted Driving Plus” mode (test) also enables driving without hands on the steering wheel up to 64 km/h, but in this mode it also requires the driver's attention . In contrast to Level 3, which is the first manufacturer in the world to offer Mercedes-Benz in the current S-Class and in the EQS as a drive pilot (test), the driving task is not completely handed over to the vehicle. At Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, you can legally look the other way, watch films and series, use the browser or start games on the infotainment system.

Super Cruise for State and Federal Routes

To date, Super Cruise has logged over 200,000 miles of US American and Canadian Interstates will be activated, but soon the number of free routes will be doubled. GM promises an update later this year, with electric vehicles based on the VIP platform being updated via OTA first. The expansion primarily affects state and federal routes, after previously only interstates were supported. Well-known routes such as the U.S. Route 66 (The Mother Road), the CA Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway), the U.S. Include Route 1 (Overseas Highway) and the Trans-Canada Highway in the system.