This small change in Spotify makes listening to music a lot more pleasant


Until last year, the play button at the top of an album on Spotify acted as a shuffle button. Once you tapped this, the music always played in a random order. But especially with albums, that can be quite undesirable. Songs are often put in a certain order on an album for a reason and for an artist it is therefore important that the songs are preferably listened to in that order. For example, Adele criticized Spotify, after which the function of the button changed. But now Spotify finally makes it easier to play the music in the order you want.

Spotify: just play or shuffle

In the coming weeks, Spotify will roll out a change at the top of its albums and playlist pages. At the top right, next to the large green play button, an extra shuffle button also appears. The play button plays the songs in the order shown, while the shuffle button plays the songs in random order. Until recently, the shuffle function required you to go to the currently playing track, open a menu and activate the shuffle function. With the change you determine in advance how the songs are played.

The change is due to criticism from artists and requests from users to modify the behavior. The new buttons will be available to Spotify Premium users in the coming weeks. The buttons therefore appear on albums as well as playlists. The change does not apply to free users, because with it you can only play albums and playlists in the order determined by Spotify.

Are you happy with this small but important upcoming change? Or do you just love the surprise effect of the shuffle function and did you like the old way of working? Let us know in the comments!