Nothing OS 1.1.2: update for always-on display and fingerprint sensor


Nothing offers another update to Nothing OS 1.1.2 for the Phone (1) (test), which has been available since July 21st. The manufacturer adds minor features to the operating system and fixes bugs in the areas of loading, Bluetooth, user interface and stability.

After launching the smartphone with Nothing OS 1.1.0 After a major update that activated Google Pay, among other things, the manufacturer pushes a 35 MB update with Nothing OS 1.1.2. According to the changelog, users have the option to display the fingerprint sensor area even when the display is switched off. The always-on screen is now deactivated by default at night.

According to Nothing, charging has been accelerated and compatibility with third-party chargers has been improved. In addition, an unspecified problem with the Bluetooth codec has been fixed, user interface optimizations have been carried out, general bug fixes have been fixed and stability has been optimized.

Update to Nothing OS 1.1.2