Bk World with Tesla shows its idea of ​​a charging station with lounge and services


Even in fast-charging stations filling up with energy takes a little while; of time and may not always be present in the vicinity of the structures where you can rest. For this, new concepts of charging stations are being worked on with dedicated facilities where people can pass the time. Think, for example, of the Audi charging hubs we have talked about several times.

From Germany comes another example of how large electric car charging stations could be structured in the future. Inside the Tesla Supercharger of Endsee , thanks to the work of bk World , some prefabricated modules called Qube have been installedwhich make it possible to offer electrical users a series of services. For example, they will be able to refresh themselves through vending machines or work taking advantage of some dedicated spaces. Obviously there is no shortage of toilets and convenient sockets will also be made available to recharge smartphones or PCs. For the boys & egrave; You can spend time playing with a Nintendo Switch.

L & # 39; bk World company aims to offer modules of variable dimensions for maximum flexibility; possible. Furthermore, these prefabricated modules are created to be combined with each other to create more structures; large in which to offer different types of services. The module pi & ugrave; small with lounge area and bathroom occupies about 50 square meters.

The founders of bk World Gerold Wolfarth and Marc Arnold have made it known that the idea is; born during a late night charging stop. With these modules, the German company aims to offer everything it can; serve people while they wait for their electric car to fill up with energy.

The first modules at the Tesla Supercharger station in Endsee were put into operation at the beginning of June. The German company, however, wants to go much further. The goal is to install 300 structures in as many charging stations throughout Europe in the next 5 years.

It will not be a question of only of Supercharger stations as the company speaks generically of the stations managed by the most large operators for recharging.

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