iOS 16 pays tribute to Steve Jobs: the clownfish wallpaper!


Clownfish wallpaper on iPhone now official

The wallpaper was demonstrated in 2007 by Steve Jobs at the presentation of the original iPhone. He also appeared in marketing material for the very first iPhone, but strangely enough, Apple never officially released the wallpaper. Instead, a picture of the Earth was included as the default wallpaper. The image shows two orange/white clownfish surrounded by green sea anemones. For many people it will bring back memories of the Nemo movies.

This concerns the Amphiprion (see Wikipedia), also called clownfish in normal language. More precisely, this concerns the three-banded clownfish. But thanks to Nemo, the name clownfish is much more established. Apple itself also uses the name ‘Clownfish’ in the settings. That is why, for the sake of recognisability, we also use the name ‘clownvis’ have chosen.

You can choose the clownfish wallpaper by going to the updated lock screen settings and scrolling to the end of the Collections. The collection ‘Clownfish’ there is only one variant, namely the original from 2007. It is remarkable that the wallpaper is not visible to everyone. Some people who are already testing the iOS 16 beta don't see it, others do.

The clownfish-wallpaper in marketing materials for the original iPhone.

On our three test iPhones, the clownfish wallpaper appeared immediately. If you can't find the wallpaper yet, you can do two things: download it here or take the following steps. Go to Settings > Background > Add new wallpaper and browse the Collections.

It's a fun easter egg to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the iPhone and as a subtle tribute to Steve Jobs. Apple has slightly modified the image and made it dynamic. The sea anemones partially cover the clock and widgets.

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Below is the wallpaper in use:

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