Electric car incentives, for Motus-E? need to revise the system


The incentives for cars in the 61-135 g/km of CO2 were sold out in a short time. Instead, the fund available for cars 0-20 g/km of CO2, that is; for electric , it is going down slowly. For Motus E, the incentives for electric are not working and the association provides several reasons to explain this trend.


The problem concerns the structure of the electric incentives. As we know, the regulation provides that only cars that do not exceed 35 thousand euros + VAT in price can be incentivized . According to Motus-E, less than 30% of the models available are included.

As for the class & ldquo; 0-20 & rdquo; instead the models available for the incentive price range (under 35,000 euros) are less than 30% of all those available, this already; would be enough to explain that, as expected, reservations are slow.

C & # 39; & egrave; then the problem is already there; also raised by other associations in the automotive sector such as UNRAE, which concerns the exclusion from incentives of fleets and legal entities . With this choice & egrave; a good share of the market has been excluded.

To this it must be added that fleets and all legal entities, which represent a good slice of the market and would then guarantee a quality used vehicle, cannot benefit from the incentives.

For this reason, according to Motus-E & egrave; you need to revise your system . Therefore, this association also launches an appeal to the Government to review the Ecobonus structure in order to expand the audience to benefit from the incentives for electricity. A possible change would make it possible to support registrations of battery-powered cars which also recorded a negative result in June.

Finally, we recall that of the 209 million available from the end of May, there are approximately 180.4 million remained available (at the time of writing). So, only 28.6 million were requested.

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