Askoll Scoo3, test of the three-wheeled scooter, ideal in the city?


C & # 39; & egrave; a new ally for mobility; green in the metropolis. It is called Askoll Scoo3 , made by the Italian company leader in the production of electric vehicles for cities. It is configured to be a partly revolutionary electric scooter, equipped with mechanical and technological systems that place it right at the top of the sector. Perhaps, considering the possible uses, it is more & ugrave; appropriate to define it as & quot; scooter & quot;, conceived and designed to take part in mobility & agrave; shared , with some agreements already; in place with various market providers.

  • CONNECTIVITY & Agrave;


Askoll Scoo3 wants to be the definitive solution to mobility; with zero emissions in cities. Designed to be shared, it offers high levels of safety and stability , thanks to a setting with three solid wheels anti-puncture from 10 & quot; (one at the front and two at the back), with a tilting platform, a battery capable of ensuring high autonomy and a truly refined vibration damping system. There are no cables or sensors in sight, with all the components and connectivity systems; hidden in the front area of ​​the platform. On the handlebar you will find the QR code and the codes with which to activate, from a smartphone, the ride of the sharing service.

39 ; anterior & egrave; There is a disc brake and a regenerative brake while two disc brakes are inserted in the rear, controlled simultaneously by the two levers on the handlebar (there is also the parking brake). & Egrave; made from an aluminum frame , very resistant, with a suspension front fork and a tilting central footplate, connected to the rear axle. The handlebar column is; the same used on Askoll eS3 and NGS scooters. The two rear wheels can tilt laterally and cushion vertically, while the footboard supports the inclination during the leaning phase. Is not serious; certainly compact, with a length of 1,220 mm and a total weight , with the battery, of 28 kg . It has a complete LED lighting system, complete with front and rear arrows and is; Guaranteed to support up to 110kg .


Designed for a sharing service, the new Askoll Scoo3 presents a rather generous lithium-ion battery , hidden inside the platform, swap ready or for charging via connector. The opening of the compartment is intelligent, via app or physical key, so as not to compromise its operation due to vandalism. The capacity maximum & egrave; of 630 Wh – 17500 mAh, at 36 V and with an amperage of 17.5 Ah. The weight is of about 3.6 kg and is; rechargeable in about 4 hours (2 hours to go from 20% to 80%) to offer a & # 39; estimated maximum range of 45 km .

Drive side, & egrave; instead there is a brushless electric motor placed on the front wheel, with a maximum rated power of 350 W and a torque of 25 Nm . Without blocks, it would be able to push Scoo3 up to a speed; maximum speed of 50 km/h, obviously limited to 25 km/h due to the regulations in force in Italy (the & agrave; & quot; pedestrian & quot; mode is also available, with a speed of 6 km/h). According to the values ​​communicated by Askoll, it takes 4 seconds to go from 0 to 20 km/h , while 8 to touch 25 km/h.

OUR TRIAL We had the opportunity to try the new Askoll Scoo3 for a few hours near the Darsena of Milan , a place rather hostile to the circulation of electric scooters: pav & egrave; , cobblestones , tram rails and various sidewalks . After a very short period of adaptation to his handling and his weight, we immediately headed for the dreaded pav & egrave; Milanese. The solid wheels, designed with a view to sharing, do not wink at comfort, but the work done by the suspensions is; truly flawless, especially on the rear axle. After an initial uncertainty we continued calmly, also trying to cross the tram tracks sideways, without any impediment.

Scoo3 continues its march undaunted, without caring much about holes or vibrations (& egrave; to always keep the road surface under control, the single 10 '' wheel at the front could still fit into small cracks). It is seen to be thought of with a view to safety and stability , in fact, you don't need to be an expert at the wheel to better manage changes in direction. Then the braking force is remarkable, while the acceleration could be calibrated slightly better: sometimes you would like more; pushed, right away, while it comes with a little at full throttle pressure. We are not for & ograve; managed to get us a clear idea of ​​autonomy, having traveled only short distances and with different means.

CONNECTIVITY Invers , whose telematics solution is called CloudBoxx Mini , delivered directly ex factory together with the scooter. In this way, companies operating in the world of sharing can directly access vehicles digitally, thus integrating; the data with its own back-end systems. With a service now more & ugrave; that already tested; in the field of sharing, with vehicles, mopeds and two-wheeled scooters, Invers provides cos & igrave; the components, ready to use, for all providers who will integrate Scoo3 into their sharing fleet.

The Invers IoT solution can ensure access to the vehicle at any time, supporting multiband, 2G, 3G and 4G connections, with the possibility; roaming via the integrated eSIM card. CloudBoXX Mini also integrates a series of position sensors, g-force sensors, accelerometers and GPS sensors to understand the state of health of the vehicle at any time. There & egrave; also an emergency battery, useful for assisting in data communication for 40 hours after the standard battery of the scooter runs out.


It is therefore a ideal medium for sharing companies , given its solid structure, reliability and durability over time, also ensured by a longer battery pack; large than average, to minimize swaps and maintenance. & Egrave; there is also a mechanism that seals the connectors of the battery pack to the body, in order to eliminate vibrations, so as not to compromise performance. The integrated GPS and Tracker allow you to know the position of each vehicle in real time. Askoll hardware also allows the implementation of IoT systems customized by the operator. Askoll & egrave; already in agreement with some companies in the sharing sector for the supply of Scoo3 but there is no further news about it. Speaking with the technicians, if he ever opens up to a hypothetical sale to individuals , the price could probably be around 1,500 euros (non-definitive figure), therefore in a very high range, considering its technological and mechanical level.

Is this the best electric scooter on the market? In terms of safety, control, stability; and serenity on the march probably yes. Few others, if any, can boast such a level of comfort even on the pav & egrave ;. Watch out for & ograve; weight, not & egrave; easy to manually raise it to get on or off a sidewalk (it holds up even jumps of about 10 cm perfectly without breaking down).

Safety, stability, braking powerLarge capacity vibration absorption Quick battery replacement Great autonomy Important weight, isn't it? nimble to carry by hand At the moment not? was conceived for private individuals. click VIDEO

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